#1Katya Elise Henry the Hottest Fitness Model Today.


Katya Elise Henry the Hottest Fitness Model Today and has the best booty in town.

Who is Katya Elise Henry?





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Katya want us to make the wearing of face mask attractive and colorfull.

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Katya Elise Henry is by far one of the hottest and most successful fitness models today plus she is a Social Media Trainer Personality.

She has a very interesting mix which explains her unique beauty. 

 Katya  comes from a multi-ethnic background, with her family having African American, Native American (Sioux and Potawatomi tribes), Swedish, and Russian ancestry according to google Source.

She was born on June 14, 1994, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to Derick Anthony Henry and Tawnya Lynn Nelson. Today she lives in Miami, Florida.

She is 5’2″ 115 pounds and her measurements are 32-24-24. 


Early Life & Education

Katya is originally from Minneapolis, MN, and has two older sisters. She went to three different high schools in Minnesota and Arizona.

Katya was bullied a lot during her freshman and sophomore years, causing her to transfer multiple times. Later in her academic career.

a little progress each day adds up up big results ✨ been workinnn on my fitness for 6 years now. proud to call myself ALL natural and yes, I built my 🍑 solely on lots of food and consistency in the gym. no shots no procedures no NOTHING. It feels good when I can say I w o r k e d for it. this quarantine has been tough on me with not being able to go to the gym not gonna lie. it’s been months. never have I taken this much time off in 6 years! I’ve lost about 5lbs-7lbs (minor...but not lol) since this whole thing started but honestly it’s okay, I’ve learned to love my body at every stage! It’s taken me years to not be so hard on myself. it’s really all mental, if you know you know. but anyways, life is good! no complaints ☺️ I JUST MISS the gym! but my @workouts_by_katya at home workouts are also killin me, the best in the game 💪🏽 with that being said, sign ups for my 8 week SWEAT IT OUT challenge *80s style* is stilllll going so secure your spot while you can! we’re starting June 8th! we’re gonna tone up for the summer while keeping those 🍑 juicyyyyyy 🤪 at home or in gym programs both available. Link in bio 🤸🏽‍♀️

Katya transferred to Desert Mountain High School where she had her most positive experience and was a cheerleader. She became captain of her cheerleading squad in her senior year.

KATYA ELISE HENRY on Twitter: "found yourself a cheerleader 📣😏… "


When she stopped cheerleading, she began to notice herself losing muscle. Katya began to go to the gym with her mom, would film her workouts, and post them to Instagram.

She began to gain a large following and as of July 2020 has over 7.6 million followers on the platform. In addition.


Katya has 397,000 followers on Twitter and over 377,000 followers on YouTube. Before she became a notable social media personality.

Katya was working full-time as a nanny. One of her inspirations to start being a fitness model was Jen Selter.


Katya is a plant-based fitness model and refrains from consuming meat products. She is sponsored by EHPLabs and regularly posts pictures with their products and clothing on her Instagram.

it’s the weekend! 🤸🏽‍♀️ let’s get physicalllll 🤪 who’s signed up for my 8 week sweat it out challenge starting June 8th?! ahhhh let’s go girls ✨ @workouts_by_katya - - wearing my @kissmypeachswimwear one piece and @workouts_by_katya leggings! ⚡️

She is also sponsored by a number of smaller brands. Katya offers workout programs to clients, her most popular being the 8-week booty building program.

She also sells merch at shopkatya.com which features prints and shirts of Katya modeling.

Personal Life

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In her free time, Katya enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with friends. Her favorite TV Show is Big Brother. Katya has seven tattoos.


As of July 2020, Henry is dating an NBA player, Tyler Herro. Previously, she dated Los Angeles Lakers’s, Kyle Kuzma.  Well I guess she was really into NBA.

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In 2018, Henry told Vegan-magazine.com when she chose to become vegan and why she chose to transition to a plant-based lifestyle:


I also wanted to see how it would affect my training and physique.


There are a lot of people out there who say you can’t gain muscle on a plant-based diet, so I was interested in finding out for myself if this theory held any water.


Since switching to a plant-based diet, I have gained muscle mass and am living my beliefs that we should be living in harmony with animals, rather than at their expense.


It’s been uplifting to take real action in a way that could make a difference in relation to animal welfare.


It’s been almost 2 years now and I really don’t see myself going back to my old lifestyle.


I have to say, that I admire her compare to others because she just work very hard to have what she got today.


  No cosmetic surgeries like other models that look so fake. She is not perfect like no one is.  But you have to respect her changes and dedication.


I will be posting more pics or links and keep updates.  I really think is worth it even that you can find her all over but I like to share the best. 





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