Adam Schiff

Made one coronavirus claim that stunned Americans into silence all is dame politics


From day one, Adam Schiff made it his mission to remove Donald Trump from office.

Schiff and other Democrats see the coronavirus outbreak as their opportunity to make that dream a reality.

And Adam Schiff made one coronavirus claim that stunned Americans into silence.

Congress and the administration were completely consumed by this farce and could not devote the time and energy to the emerging coronavirus threat.

Adam Schiff tried to answer these charges in an interview on MSNBC where Schiff claimed that the President and McConnell.

Arguing that impeachment distracted the President was an admission that Donald Trump “screwed up” the coronavirus response.

“Yeah, the president said something similar, which, you know, was an interesting acknowledgment that the administration screwed up this response.

The facts are quite clear that the president’s weeks long, maybe months-long delay in taking this seriously.

Has had catastrophic consequences that we are only now beginning to see the scope of,” Schiff began.

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“They should stop making excuses. The president found plenty of time even during the impeachment trial and the period after to play golf, go on vacation at Mar-a-Lago, to do campaign rallies.

He wasn’t distracted from doing the things he loves to do, but the bigger problem is after the trial was over, the president continued for weeks and weeks to say this is no problem.

He’s got it under control. He’s got it contained, and this isn’t going to have a big impact on the country.

Of course, he was ignoring the advice of the health experts, the epidemiologists, the CDC.



His own people with catastrophic consequences,” Schiff continued.

Schiff is refusing to acknowledge that for two and a half crucial weeks in February, Senate business was ground to a halt because of the impeachment trial.

And Schiff is also ignoring the fact that in January the President set up a Coronavirus Taskforce and banned travel from China.

But few Americans contest the idea that the President faced a sideshow that diverted his attention.

Because he was forced to fight for his political survival.
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I want to express that I am not a politician and I have no affiliation. But unfortunately, these leaders allowed by God for an order must be respected .

And at the same time know that all with the extraordinary exception that there could be some honest politician.

And that he is not corrupt I am not going to say that No I simply do not have evidence.

That said and speaking to the point now about this article, there is no doubt that no matter how corrupt this man.

If they tell truths as there is evidence, although his intentions are not noble, it does not mean that what he says is very true.

And on the matter of trying to “Impeachment” whether or not the accusation is true, it’s all a filthy political game where millions of dollars are spent on you paying taxes to waste your time on this.

So that we can conclude that all this Pandemic that is happening and what they do is continue the political war harder to win elections and power.

Meanwhile, humanity dying in life, it is worse what we stay alive because the consequences are and will be disastrous catastrophic unless God intervenes in time and put an end to all this garbage that we live.

My advice is to live day by day, do the best you can, take measures, seek spiritual guidance and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR LIKE YOURSELF and that starts with the family.


Good health to you.