Dominican Republic:

Child sexual exploitation, invisible and brutal


News and headlines of the national press immediately produce astonishment, helplessness and multiply anger.

When they say that girls, adolescents and young people were sexually abused, killed and their bodies abandoned.

The ages of today are between 12 and 12; 13; 17; 18; and 23 years, all found with signs of rape and beaten, according to a report by the National Police. In the Dominican Republic, child abuse reflects shocking data.

The teacher and feminist Yildalina Tatem Brache rightly points out in an article published by the digital Accent, on April 27.

That unfortunately there are voices that try to “invisible the damage to the victims and justify, exculpate, understand and almost forgive the aggressors”.

In this regard, the author recalls that this social validation “allows a large amount of sexual abuse to be institutionalized in fact unions and marriages, in a country where child abuse is constitutionally and legally prohibited.”

Studies published by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for Childhood Assistance, of the International Plan, suggest that Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents (Escnna) is a violation of fundamental rights and a modern form of slavery in All its modalities.

An investigation carried out by said entity in 10 communities in the east of the country indicates that 96% of children and young people are at risk of suffering this vile scourge.

RECENT NEWS FROM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC What do you see in this picture? A mother, a child (daughter), police officers and a criminal although one who is a minor is missing.

Dominican Republic: two teenagers confessed to killing a 4-year-old girl The girl’s body was naked with apparent signs of sexual abuse

The ominous fact occurred in the town of Las Chacras of the municipality of Santiago in the Dominican Republic

The local police announced that two teenagers had been arrested for the disappearance of a 4-year-old girl. After the interrogation one of them broke down and confessed to the murder.

The murderers are 15 and 16 years old and were held by the authorities after the disappearance of little Yaneisy Rodríguez.

According to a high ranking of the police, it was the elder of the aggressors who confessed the crime.

According to their testimony they would have ended the life of the girl with multiple blows to the head and buried her naked in an improvised well 400 meters from her grandmother’s house.

The uniformed men quickly went to look for Yaneisy’s body and found him where the teenagers said they were going to be.

The body shows signs compatible with possible sexual abuse, however it has not yet been corroborated.

Then I heard this local radio program from my sister Dominican Republic and I think this speaks for itself.

About this video use the subtitiles in your language

As they could hear extremely terrifying and disgusting details, but this is nothing new.

What happens is that it is not given so much publicity. But you get the elements or rather the common element or denominator in this are two things

Why is a rapist who has a case in court on the street?

And second is how the fuck does a mother let out at night and can I still go shopping by day alone or could I be alone?

And I can add one more issue that is common, if people realized this, how could they not report it?

So who has the biggest fault that this has happened? Well, three characters.

The mother by negligent , the possible who report nothing starting the owner filled to give an example.    And above all the Government and its legal system.

Negligent mothers is something that abounds all over the world but in certain cultures or countries they exist even more in fact it is an epidemic and referring to this case.

It is not uncommon and I know of mothers who send their children at night to the store or they also leave them alone without supervision.

I have known about children of 4 or 5 years taking care of babies for months, the only reason that I do nothing is because I do not live in the Dominican Republic.

Because I would not do it without thinking twice. And if a person knows this and does nothing, it is complicated here in the United States they do even less than that and take them away and go to jail.

So there are some of the problems that many have children of different parents.

I say to me they are dogs because animals are the ones that have bitches have puppies and go on their way.

 There are women who think more in their vagina than in their children and men in his head below and not above.

And I hear that it is possible that he had a relationship with the girl already dead. Where have we come to?

Surprise, it is not. So what about the government?

I don’t think I have to say anything that we all know and it makes me sick to talk about people who don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves, of course this is like Organization.

We have another case in Haiti where a man raped a two-year-old girl and put harmony in her private parts.

Then I come back and ask the question. Where was your mother or father?

In the previous article we talked about RESPECT, there is no doubt that RESPECT has been lost not only among animal people but also the most beautiful of our children or children.

So the message here is to you single fathers or mothers. TAKE CARE OF THE GIFT THAT GOD GRANTED YOU whether it was done well or not since they are not guilty of coming to this world.

 Please if you are a young woman and you have already made mistakes, learn from them.

And if you are young, do not make mistakes, have children when they have to keep them a home and, above all.



Although in the world it has cooled let us cultivate this on an individual and collective level and do what we can in this world that is adrift.