trump speech


President’s message on July 4th in his speech at Mount Rushmore?

Well, what I learned was that this President continues to make a fool of himself by humiliating himself with so many stupid things.

A message that has nothing to encourage people to take steps to protect themselves. And of course, about this part how can he do if He refuses to wear a mask.

Very interesting what Governer Cuomo from New York has been asking the President for weeks to wear the mask.

There was no talk of an action plan for the current situation where the virus has exploited again. Not only educating ourselves but setting the example.

But what he talks about is not to talk bad about the police department, that he is a President of Law and Order.

Something funny He says about himself that He is well educated and when you listen He cannot even pronounce correctly some words like totalitarianism.

                                              Military supports Trump on this day

I invite you to watch this video from Jesse Dollemore and go point by point explaining how this President has some similarities with Adolf Hitler and others.

In terms of what is the way Totalitarianism and more specifically 14 characteristics that define fascism reflect in his leadership.

Most watch presentation

Before I will just mention a few highlights from the 14 points. One of the issues He talks about and talks is about the statues that some want to tear down because of what they represent.

Like for example a statue from one of the founders of the KKK. Other Generals that betrayed the US and kill so many Americans just because of what they believe and racism.

Now let me honest here. I think that yes statues glorifying anyone is not something I never agree with.

But if you are going to do this, the logic is to have people that make a great contribution in history and good for people a legacy not evil..

Now if you want to have these statues or historic monuments then have them in museums and people will choose to go and see them or not.

Because history is history bad or good is a matter of what point of view you see things.

The President of the United States is supposed to be a Leader and instead of defending this.

Why not find a common ground and at lease give some comprehension to people that are in pain and that has to suffer from this type of issue.

In simple words is the way to do things and it goes both ways. People need to understand that no one has no right to destroy any property.

That is not yours. You are just creating another problem.

But the President has to do something to show more sympathy and understanding.

And make the right and maybe not so popular decisions and show that you really care about the people not to win an election.

But then again we know what is reality.

If you observed the crowd no mask-wearing (majority) and almost all whites.

Two of the characteristics mentions it has to do with the lack of respect to intellectual and science.

And the other the obsession with spending money on the military and I want to add all money is spend on Nasa and all related to this.

The President talks with so much arrogance and pride that He spends more than 2 and a half Trillion dollars.

All this to destroy each other. I remember a clip from a movie where Denzel Washington tells Gene Hackman.

In a Nuclear War, there are no winners. Of course, because we will all be dead. In simple words.

War is stupid and evil and lacks respect in human life. Only God has the right to give and take life. No one else.

I want to express this. No one can control what people think and feel not even yourself.

Let’s say that the President is this or that. I don’t give an F%$# what he believes or think as long that He keeps it to himself and just do your job.

What about you spend 1 trillion and the other trillion and a half should be to combat the poverty on the nation.

The United States it supposes to be so great and even here we have homeless people some of them veterans and poverty in the extreme.

What about spending in Nasa going to the planets like there is something productive to know if there is life or not.

Listen if God decides to create life in other planets then who cares. Worried about us we cannot.

Even deal with our own problems and we are looking and spending time and money on things that have nothing to do with our benefit and lives.

And the other one is the lack of respect for science and the doctors, especially during this pandemic.

If this President will listen and all supporters we will not be talking now about closing the economy again in some parts or more deaths.

This idiot claims the virus will go away like a miracle, that wearing a mask is not that important.

But the people that follow that are more idiots than he is. People like this are the ones that are screwing up the efforts.

This mask issue has become political and is ridiculous. People have to take charge and not to be so stupid like the President. This is a joke but a mortal joke.

In conclusion:
This speech was useless, not a positive and encouraging thing to say only attacking others and giving false statements.

Like everything is under control.

Well, good luck with that. The only way this will change is by teamwork.

If not we will all suffer the consequences until God finishes up all this nonsense but that is another subject for another day.

Let’s keep the battle just do what you have to do to survive but in a smart savvy and responsible matter.