See the source image thanksgiving stupidity

Maybe at this point you are thinking. What the hell I am talking about. Well just take a look of these and you will understand.  I am not a pro. I get to the point and the objective is clear. We need to wake up to reality.


Some times image a twitter is all you need to see the issue here.

Senator Tom Cotton. Began to talk about pilgrim pumpkins and myths. To recognize them and we must give thanks.
Look idiot: And their expressions sound like “White Supremacist”.

Remember I mention how he sounds not confirming that He is one.

To begin, more than 172,000 more people with the virus in a single day. We can talk about pilgrims and pumpkins or sweet potatoes or whatever. 

The pilgrims were cruel murderers who sought religious freedom. It was to do things their way. History shows that they were torturers.

And so many myths that this day is to give thanks to God. Hypocrites
To thank The Lord it is not given once a year. And people celebrating things and they don’t even know that they’re observing these days just because it’s tradition and that’s it.

Gentlemen, the holidays are for the big corporations and retailers and others to get richer. GETTING RICH has nothing but nothing to do with religion.

And we are in a time to stop being ignorant and act wisely. Nobody likes to be told the truth sometimes it does matter. We all can benefit best.

We have leaders saying that it is their right to do whatever it takes. Look, idiots. One thing is FREEDOM AND ANOTHER IS DEBAUCHERY one thing is OUR RIGHTS and ANOTHER IS THINKING OF OTHERS selfish.

The world is dying and the only thing you see is that a stupid man who says that there is electoral fraud, I mean a corrupt person accusing others of being corrupt as well.

There is no help, people dying, hospitals full, businesses closing. People will be left homeless.
And here we have a Senator defending a myth and shooting at the Democrats.

Damn all hypocrites, corrupt politicians everywhere. And the ignorant and blind people who support these crap assholes. 

I have been saying only God and his government will end this. Believe it or not, is irreverent.
History shows it and if after what is happening they do not want to understand that Man cannot govern himself, he is more blind than a blind man because even the blind realizes it and see with the eyes of understanding.

Now while I was writing this I just watch the news and it says we should not travel for the Holidays. But some people will not pay attention to it.

This is a perfect example of being a slave or servant of the holidays and in the midtime, the rich get richer and people less money and with the pandemic situation.

If we want to show we are grateful and show empathy stay home and be safe and your elderly family. I said, case closed.

The reason I want to express and post about this, is that I feel sorry and at the same time fed up with so much ignorance, corruption.

Holidays in general and observance days are made for selfish purposes. Of course like everything in life: There are some that are not corrupt or stupid.

We need to do more research to do what is right and not base on what other says or because is just a tradition for decades or centuries.

I always say, if the President tells you jump the Empire State Building. Nothing will happen. Will you jump? Just because it was the President?

Everything in life has a reason and common sense and that is what people do not have today. We need as humans make sense and act in a mature way to have a better descent life.