Are Kim or Anastasiya liying to us?

What is the fascination of people comparing Anastasiya Kvitko with Kim Kardashian? Well is call CURVES.

  Not only that it is so interesting that Ana hates those comparisons and she says that she is way much better looking than Kim.

Something that “bothers me” about some of these celebrities is like they act like politicians lying to people and thinking some of us are so stupid to believe what is so obvious.

s my thing, Ana is 25 years old not married as far we know and no kids, while Kim has children and she is married and almost 40



25 year old russian model Anastasiya Kvitko

  Now the only thing reading from all sources is that the contest between both is more about the curves or waist because in terms of boobs there is no contest Ana beats her by the classic mile in some views or let’s just say size, some likes bigger others smaller. 

 But again here is the main issue that I have when it comes to comparisons. Ana claims that she never has any plastic surgery while Kim admits she had only once for the butt all other surgeries was 5 after pregnancy issues so we don’t count that. 

 But we all know that is “bull shit” or “none sense”. Just observe all these images and sources say she spent more than 70 million dollars on her body. I do not have any amounts from Ana because whe just denies it.

So both had help but in my opinion, Kim looks more natural than Ana but Anastasiya looks way hotter but also less natural. Again just my opinion. 

 Another source mention that a Russian Plastic surgeon says that no woman can have those hips and curves without any surgery reffering to Anastasiya.

 Again we do not need to be an expert to know that they are plastic all over. So now; Who will you believe?

  Here is this picture from where some say that even some of the pictures that Ana posts are photoshop to look much better.

Take a close look to her abdomen

 Again not confirm just rumors, you be the judge on that or if you know anything you want to share it will be nice.

Now here are some stats and it will tell you that maybe one is older and less hot (suppose) but who has more accomplishments or more famous well is not even close but the discussion looks not the who has more followers or money remember Anastasiya no have the advantages that Kim has last name, a husband that is also millionaire involved in so many things.

 Ana is more steady on social media and modeling career and even has an only fans page which is just teasing to be nude Kim we all know that she has been nude, sex tape and lost of controversial photos.

Let the evidence speak up

At the end of the day, surgery or not they both are two of the hottest women on the planet today, and I do not mention Kim’s sister Kylie that by far is the number one of the world even more money than both of them combined but that is another subject.

  No doubt it has been confirm that both are amazing but also both has plastic surgery even that they both can be still beautiful.

 Another opinion that I have is that if I am going to make comparisons it should be with someone similar age and that also had plastic surgery and that is a fact and I referring to Demi Rose Mawby from Great Britain.

 Consider by some today the hottest in her country and also Abigail Ratchford, for me make more sense compare Ana with those models. 


 Let’s pretend they are both real and enjoy while we can which is until we pass because once they get old we still have the technology and see all of them forever. 

 So you tell me Anastasiya had or did not have plastic surgery? The answer is so easy. a big YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be posting or dedicating for Anastashiya and someone that can be her similar rival and is not Kim. That will be Demi Rose Mawby mention here. See you next post.