No formalities I don’t even care about my spelling. I am sick and tired of this situation and to be more honest, you probably think I am referring to the Covi-19.

And yes, it is part of it. But we have for a long time is just that now when things get rough and worse is where you separate men from kids but in this case, well just listen and you come to your conclusions.

In the last, I will say three weeks in the particular week before and the Memorial Day weekend. What are all these politicians and in particular The President of this nation is talking about?

Well just go to his twitter and from let’s say 50 tweets 48 is about pointing fingers, insulting people, saying that because of him we do not have more deaths when precisely the reason we have these numbers is more because of him, referring to the United States of course.

I know that every President and politics are full of lies and “bullshit” and when millions of people are out of jobs, sick, death the economy is to the point close to being a Depression.

This “idiot” talks about himself and repeats the same shit like “we are the Best in testing” Or the best in ventilators or I made the best decisions, He accuses of all over the world but He will never and I said never admits that He did anything wrong.

Let say this, I hate politics and even so, there was a time that I even felt others were unfair to the President, but in the more, I see things now the little respect I had for him I lost it.

But He is not the only one all these assholes playing politics In my years I never see so many hypocrites on a very sick level. This President cannot be trusted and If no one can be in this case is worse.

And one observation, everything that I am expressing is not based on speculation, not even the press or fake news and base on his mouth and is a big one. I never in my life see a President that bullies people.

Bully is one of the most social problems, in particular, our youth and here we have the leader of the World saying nasty things about others, and don”t get me wrong.

I know others talk about him but I never see for example Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schitt making fun of his body or hair may be an exception when Pelosi mention he was “morbidly obese” that was not nice to say to anyone. But that is what you get when you do the same thing.

Now you have this Biden where women are coming forward. Ah, and by the way, other women also are coming forward about Trump, plus his taxes and other issues.

I just read that Republicans and even the Senate and President are about to lose these coming elections. The button line is that as far as I am concern I don’t see any progress with no one.

Let’s do the right thing in taking care of ourselves doing the best we can, do not contribute to making things worse, your children our family.

this world is getting worse and worse, we have climate changes, natural disasters to also worried about, and we have this President giving us “false expectations” just to win a fucking election.

Do you think we give a “shit” about you and me? And the reason He wants to open the economy is that he cares? Hell NO!~

Another thing that makes me sick and that He repeats and repeats the same crap all the time, and all his opinions and answers is “well I think this and that” specially saying the economy will be back and better than ever soon also predicting the Virus will be gone, so idiot,.

Now something that I have to admit that you cannot be so negative, but please be REALISTIC NO LIE TO US like we are fucking stupid and ignorant.

But I have to admit something, He mentions that if people continue to stay home then other issues will be increasing, like crime, drug addiction, domestic violence, and suicide and He is correct.

That means that even that He is an asshole because the way He manages all this situation not paying attention to others thinking He can do whatever.

He wants, we are living the consequences, but we as a society, we need to cooperate because at the end of the day is our life.

The President and all these people has there own life and much better than us just in the economic standpoint of course.

So just go to Youtube and all news and you will see that what I am expressing is not bullshit is a fact. So then you have it the virus that is worse and more devastating than the Corona Virus.