3D illustration of an influenza virus.

Do you remember the movie OUTBREAK?

 Well Hollywood sometimes tell truth stories look at this image and see if it reminds you about it. 

Is so interesting what I been reading and watching some videos from the only person that make more sense than all this politicians and in particular the President of the United States.

Mr. Bill Gates mention something that really shock me, when he refer to the Corona virus crisis and I resume it like this in my own words:

“Our leaders are spending billions of dollars preparing for War and the elaboration of nuclear weapons and other, but we are not ready for the worse war, and that is The Pandemic War. Like the President refer to it: “The invisible enemy”.

This remind us how insignificant we are, and is time to reflect about life and our relation with God and people. All this are things that were predicted and is part of the End of the World.  But is not like people think, further I will touch this subject.  Maybe you will not agree with me, but I will let you decide.

Take a look and always remember, that  the worse virus are Evil People.