How parents, teachers and kids can take action to prevent bullying



This right here is the key element for our children understand and be prepare mentally 

What should I do if get harass or abuse at school?

The New Age of Bullying: Cyber and In-Person Harassment and Black ...


Bullying, harassment, abuse is a very sensitive and one of the most emotional reason for mental and emotional issues for young people and even during there adult life, and I am saying this because I also was abuse and bullying as an teenager.

In this first part lets give you an visuals a video that shows good advice in what to do when situations like this happen to you or anyone.

Have you been in this situation? Believe I was and I know the feeling.
Bullying and Harassment of Children with Disabilities – Safety Tips

What can i do? What should I never do?

Imagine this situation: Edward does not want to school that all. It all stared a while ago when classmates told everyone lies about him. Then they began to give him nicknames.

On occasion, some clashed on purpose. The books were thrown to the floor as if it were without intention.

Other times, someone from a group pushed him and hit him in the back and everyone hid. And believe me I was hit real hard in my back. And more than that.

Now, if you were Edward: How would you react? Well there is no doubt that one is not going to feel good and one feels like the world is falling on you.

But all is not lost nor do we have to give up in this unpleasant situation for one that feels the pain. But I knew that we can defend ourselves and very strong but notice WITHOUT A SINGLE BEAT. Now this can work? lets see some good advice.

6+ Steps to Addressing Bullying When It Occurs | Teacher.org


  1. DON’T REACT. If you manage to be as calm as possible, even less on the outside, those who harass you may get bored and leave you alone. In fact, it should be noted that a wise King namely Salomon, said that “it is wise to remain calm since it is stupid to let out their spirit” bone their anger or anguish any negative feelings, and yes I know what you thinking is ease to say that to be done and I agree.
  2. .DON’T RETALIATE. Revenge will add to the problem, not solve it. “Return evil for evil to no one”. And believe me this is very correct.
  3. DON’T WALK INTO TROUBLE: To extend possible, avoid people and situations where the bulling may occur.
  4. TRY AN UNEXPECTED RESPONSE. “An answer, when mild, turns away rage”.
  5. USE HUMOR. For example, if a bully asserts that you’re overweight, you could simply shrug your shoulders and say, “I guess I could lose a few pounds. I personally love this one, is a signal that we are MATURE.
  6. WALK AWAY. “Silence show that your are mature and that you are stronger than the person harassing you.” says a girl name Dahiana. It shows self-control-something the bully doesn’t have”.
  7. WORK ON YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE. “Bullies notice when you are not relaxed. Remember bullies doesn’t have self control.
  8. TELL SOMEONE. According to one survey, more than half of all victims that are bullied online don’t reported. Possibly because of shame or fear specially on boys. But remember, bullies thrive on secrecy. Speaking up can be the first step to ending the nightmare.

In our next part we will discuss more information and stats about this important issue that effects thousands of people around the world in one way or the other.

PS. I want to let you know that I was bully in high school, and the number 5 is that work for me, and very interesting that it was about my weight.  And those guys are my friends today. 

And even that I explain to them how bad is to do that and that way the can stop, they motivated me without knowing it and I lost 80 pounds and become the most popular in school at that period of time for that and other things that I change some a little to much let just leave it like that.

  Remember bullies feed from your fear and in the more you look bother, sad or embarrassed  the more they will bully you.

Be Brave Be Confident you will win.