presidental elections

Trump vs. Clinton is a verdict on America


 How come Donald Trump Won The Elections?

 If Hillary Clinton got more votes In this elections?

I have to say that I was so intrigued and very surprised when the Final Results were done, and have a businessman won the elections.

Now let me say this, In my mind, there is no doubt that if you go count by count even if the world will vote, Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman in USA history to be President of the United States.

But when I observe both of them during the debate I never felt so disappointed is watch a vicious attack one very nasty and direct the other with a smile in her face but the message was clear.

I noticed that the first day they shake hands after that, no more.

I am not an expert, I am not a politician.

I hate politics, but is a subject that lately has cut my attention and believe me I have a very strong opinion about this subject but that is another topic for later.

My thing is that I never in my adult life observe two of the most famous people of the world for different reasons being of the two worse candidates for the position.

And I say this because you have a bully, arrogant, disrespectful and compulsive liar and an individual that has no respect for some “types” of people or social status and above all immigrants and women.

He is not a politician and is something that He admits, I always thought: For what the hell He wants to run the office when he has so much money, well I guess is POWER and that is why I mention ARROGANCE.

If you listen to him, He always gives credit to himself more than usual and even during this Corona Virus crisis, always saying things like is all because of him.

Then, on the other hand, you have a female politician that has plenty of experience but this EMAILS situation just kills her during the elections.

So in my humble opinion, this election was decided by all the people that just refuse to vote because they will be disgusted with Clinton and just hate Trump’s guts.

Well, I guess soon we will know if He prevails or the nation will have a new President.


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