Dominican Republic: Child sexual exploitation, invisible and brutal.

News and headlines of the national press immediately produce astonishment, helplessness and multiply anger when they say that girls, adolescents and young people were sexually abused, killed and their bodies abandoned; the ages of today are between 12 and 12; 13; 17; 18; and 23 years, all found with signs of rape and beaten, according to a report by the National Police. In the Dominican Republic, child abuse reflects shocking data.

The teacher and feminist Yildalina Tatem Brache rightly points out in an article published by the digital Accent, on April 27, that unfortunately there are voices that try to “invisible the damage to the victims and justify, exculpate, understand and almost forgive the aggressors ” In this regard, the author recalls that this social validation “allows a large amount of sexual abuse to be institutionalized in de fact unions and marriages, in a country where child abuse is constitutionally and legally prohibited.”

Studies published by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for Childhood Assistance, of the International Plan, suggest that Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents (Escnna) is a violation of fundamental rights and a modern form of slavery in All its modalities. An investigation carried out by said entity in 10 communities in the east of the country indicates that 96% of children and young people are at risk of suffering this vile scourge.

RECENT NEWS FROM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC What do you see in this picture? A mother, a child (daughter), police officers and a criminal although one who is a minor is missing. Dominican Republic: two teenagers confessed to killing a 4-year-old girl The girl’s body was naked with apparent signs of sexual abuse

The ominous fact occurred in the town of Las Chacras of the municipality of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. The local police announced that two teenagers had been arrested for the disappearance of a 4-year-old girl. After the interrogation one of them broke down and confessed to the murder.

The murderers are 15 and 16 years old and were held by the authorities after the disappearance of little Yaneisy Rodríguez. According to a high ranking of the police, it was the elder of the aggressors who confessed the crime. According to their testimony they would have ended the life of the girl with multiple blows to the head and buried her naked in an improvised well 400 meters from her grandmother’s house.

The uniformed men quickly went to look for Yaneisy’s body and found him where the teenagers said they were going to be. The body shows signs compatible with possible sexual abuse, however it has not yet been corroborated. Then I heard this local radio program from my sister Dominican Republic and I think this speaks for itself.

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As they could hear extremely terrifying and disgusting details, but this is nothing new. What happens is that it is not given so much publicity. But you get the elements or rather the common element or denominator in this are two things. Why is a rapist who has a case in court on the street? And second is how the fuck does a mother let out at night and can I still go shopping by day alone or could I be alone? And I can add one more issue that is common, if people realized this, how could they not report it? So who has the biggest fault that this has happened? Well, three characters.

The mother by negligent , the possible who report nothing starting the owner filled to give an example.    And above all the Government and its legal system.

Negligent mothers is something that abounds all over the world but in certain cultures or countries they exist even more in fact it is an epidemic and referring to this case, it is not uncommon and I know of mothers who send their children at night to the store or they also leave them alone without supervision, I have known about children of 4 or 5 years taking care of babies for months, the only reason that I do nothing is because I do not live in the Dominican Republic because I would not do it without thinking twice. And if a person knows this and does nothing, it is complicated here in the United States they do even less than that and take them away and go to jail.

So there are some of the problems that many have children of different parents I say to me they are dogs because animals are the ones that have bitches have puppies and go on their way, because there are women who think more in their vagina than in their children and men in his head below and not above. And I hear that it is possible that he had a relationship with the girl already dead. Where have we come to? Surprise, it is not. So what about the government? I don’t think I have to say anything that we all know and it makes me sick to talk about people who don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves, of course this is like Organization.

We have another case in Haiti where a man raped a two-year-old girl and put harmony in her private parts. Then I come back and ask the question. Where was your mother or father? In the previous article we talked about RESPECT, there is no doubt that RESPECT has been lost not only among animal people but also the most beautiful of our children or children. So the message here is to you single fathers or mothers. TAKE CARE OF THE GIFT THAT GOD GRANTED YOU whether it was done well or not since they are not guilty of coming to this world.

 Please if you are a young woman and you have already made mistakes, learn from them. And if you are young, do not make mistakes, have children when they have to keep them a home and, above all, TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES THAT THEY DON’T PASS THEM AS THE PREVIOUS EXAMPLES. REMEMBER RESPECT IS THE BEGINNING OF PEACE AND LOVE.  Although in the world it has cooled let us cultivate this on an individual and collective level and do what we can in this world that is adrift.


What is the definition of the word respect?

Consideration, accompanied by a certain submission, with which a person or thing is treated for some quality, situation or circumstance that determines them and that leads to abide by what it says or establishes or not to cause offense or damage. Consideration that something is worthy and should be tolerated. “Respect for human rights; respect for freedom of expression; respect for one’s body”

We are living in the most turbulent times of human history, we see so many things that are happening many that are very obvious such as wars, hunger, economic problems and especially mental and physical health and crime in general and especially since my POINT OF LACK OF REPEAT. Because I say that the lack of good respect I give you an example personally, you do not have the literal obligation to love a person although bible and morally yes, you do not have to like him and vice versa but if you RESPECT and when you start with it The love of friendship comes from others and being true friends, united families and good relations with everyone.

Look how the Disrespect is ending the World, and based on that come conflicts and fights and the worst of all this, as the popular saying goes, “It all starts at home.” Unfortunately, this was already predicted that it would happen as part of the prophecy that would mark what is known by some religious THE END OF THE WORLD, OTHERS CALL IT THE CONCLUSION OF THE SYSTEM OF THINGS, THE ARMAGEDON, THE DESTRUCTION

Many do not believe in this but although I am not here trying to establish religious or biblical matters but the truth is that I am increasingly convinced that this is so. The following passages that are in the Bible are very evident, such as the following: Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 these focus on the prophecy that speaks of the world events we see now but in MAJOR SCALE. Others are 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 and Revelation or Revelation 11:18. Now putting that aside, what we have left to do, well although I don’t have the moral to be preaching anything, but the reality is that there are only two things we can do. The first is to live every day as if it were the last to do good, try to enjoy what we can while you can. Not thinking so much about what happens because the reality is that nothing can be done since the whole world is controlled by evil and its god SATAN THE DEVIL.

The second thing is what I personally should do and it is to look for God and do his will. Something important is that people do not understand are three things, the first is that you have to know the TRUTH not all religion leads to God as people think ignorantly, the second thing is that you have to do the right thing, and the third and last is not Do the wrong thing and notice that many people think that it is only to surrender to the Lord or go to church and then go out of there to do things in their own way or badly done. False religious leaders and stealing money are the first responsible for missing RESPECT and as a result faith in the Bible or spiritual matters has been lost.

The lack of respect is too obvious, so this is a topic that is too broad and deep, but in essence, as far as we can, WE RESPECT EVERYONE no matter where we are from, respecting animal, human life and above all respecting God. Let us seek peace, promote peace through respect for all. In my next article I will talk about one of the biggest failures of respect for life and that it is a mute exploitation but that every day is coming out more afloat and this is in relation to our children and I will talk about two specific news that we can learn practical lessons .



WHAT HAPPENS IN PUERTO RICO? WILL THERE BE SOLUTIONS? Is it realistic to think that there will be?

As is public knowledge in the southern part of Puerto Rico in particular Guanica and adjacent towns are trembling or earthquakes and there have already been damaged. People live in fear, many are living outdoors in stadiums and waiting for more help from the United States. The government is not prepared for this type of phenomenon. But apart from situations like this, it is not anyone’s fault directly but in reality, this is part of what prophesied events that the End of the World is Imminent, but that is other issues.

Now, what else can we say to follow this line of thought? What is the Government of Puerto Rico doing? What is the biggest problem?

It is not surprising to see this image and just an example of what is happening for years not only in Puerto Rico but the entire world but on our island, it is much more reflected. Because of technology, everything is now known. The blatant robbery of most politicians is absurd and imminent.

When Hurricane Maria happened, the President of the United States approved 92 billion dollars, there are rumors that only 42 were received, but suppose it is so, that money was for the island to have electricity for at least not so many months, and if You put yourself in the place you would think. For example: How would you feel about giving money to a child to make a house and use it to get drugs? Would you send more money yet? It is proven that politicians have stolen these funds. My mother on a road saw 25 employees of the Electric Power Authority, while two worked the others playing dominoes or doing nothing.

Then so much SHIT that people talk about the United States and watch what happens. Another thing is that the people themselves sit down and wait for the government to help them and keep the wave of the people living off the lies and rob the government, in other words, thieves stealing thieves. Do you get the point here?

I am fed up but fed up with so much impudence and little shame that is happening on the island. More than half of the people of Puerto Rico live at the expense of the government, always complaining that there is no work or money, but when Christmas comes and all the festivities and drinks cans or concerts you see the crowded places of people there was A record of more Christmas shopping and I’m not including Kings Day. This is the truth and if I don’t tell the truth try the opposite.


Before reaching this point I want to make an observation. The American nation and this is known to all who help others only if there are interests involved, when the military was in Vieques there was more help from the American government, but people give it to give with protests and not think with the brains that this would be a fatal mistake for the economy of Puerto Rico. So much SHIT that they talk about patriotism or the flag as if that is more important than having a better economy, housing, eating, education and more and more.

And that’s where I come from, the Commonwealth is not working, apparently, Statehood was the solution, but I think it’s too late for that because Puerto Rico is screwed. But if a miracle happened, it would help, but in the meantime, the privatization of corporations and not the government controlling everything would not be so chaotic the situation for many decent and hardworking people.

I tell you examples, now when the light went out and the tremors occurred, the airports of Ponce and Aguadilla had no service and closed however the one in Isla Verde there were no complications. Now you wonder why I say this. Simple the owner is a Mexican bone PRIVATIZED, does not depend on the government, look at the roads that are always in good condition are not the government, now come to the point.

There was a person who offered to buy the ELECTRICAL ENERGY AUTHORITY and they refused, the Japanese wanted to buy the Ceiba base that is even closed to make a park similar to Disney World, but neither and this is obvious, if they do this they can’t keep stealing to the people. This is the reality of everything.

In other words, both the people and the government are good but bad. And the saddest part is those good and humble people are the ones who suffer the most. While the frauds and lazy people enjoy a good life, you have to PRIVATIZE the hamlet’s people stealing light, selling drugs and do not pay rent or if they do it is little this but change will continue to get worse.

These “tremors” caused by people is what will cause the “earthquake that will end everything.” Of course, I am speaking from the point of view of what is logical and what is lived.


How to avoid work scams from home Learn to identify work scams from home, even those that may not be so obvious

For many people who want a more flexible work schedule, finding good jobs online from home is the dream, right? Even if you can’t work by the pool with a daisy in your hand, working from home allows you to balance work and family, create your own office environment and achieve the kind of autonomy that can give you peace of mind. (Aka, no boss or co-workers breathing through your neck).

Also, it is not a bad trip! What I want to share with you is something that I see very well in particular in the Hispanic community and humble people, that some as in my case we are disabled or others retired and want to be productive, entertain but monetize that it is the final goal after all but there are also those who are under pressure to make money because what they earn is not enough for the support even at a personal and other family level.

And therein lies the danger because these INDIVIDUALS WITHOUT SCRUBLES AND RICH take advantage to rob them of living and that is precisely why you see that they are millionaires or rich and give themselves a good life by deceiving others.

Obviously I cannot cover all the details in this paper but I will give you the most important thing, and I urge you to do your own bone research, do not even trust what I say, never trust anything or anyone in the media but once you confirm what is said and the intention then if we can have a certain degree of confidence, Remember you do not know the person who writes as in my case, if my mother reads this then there obviously is no problem, but even a family member can identify if one is a scammer or is not. I speak with all my heart as we say in my Earth “A PANTS removed”.

Do you observe the image at the beginning of the article? What is the common denominator that you observed?


Like a disease you have to know the symptoms and what medications would be appropriate to cure us but to avoid certain diseases we are told what to do or not do to avoid even the symptoms, because this is the case with this tumor of the SCAM in The Internet media, not only job offers but other supposed ways of having the opportunity to obtain general material gains.

Here is a list of examples of these: E-Commerce (With Electronic Commerce) E-mail from Nigeria (Letters from Nigeria by email) Cash Checking (Change Checks) Medical Billing Mystery Shopping Affiliate Marketing (* With exepcion of one of them) Copy and Paste And we can mention many more but only to give the idea and if you look at these not only give the impression that they are legitimate but they are things that in the past have been done, but the point is two things, the first is if what It is said it is still done and second if it is something that actually pays money or if you do work but for free.

Another important aspect is the fact that some offer things using the logo of legitimate companies such as Amazon, Ebay among others, that is why it is so difficult to know if something is legitimate or not. But I will be more specific point by point.

Let’s identify some symptoms or signs of the tumor Claim of Surprising Income Pay something upfront Contact Information without value A questionable URL Very few details They contact you out of nowhere It just feels incomplete Avoid scams work from home You surveys (There is a list of some that if they are legitimate).

These symptoms of the tumor are some of those that are explained by itself, but let me tell you for example what URL is, is basically the address of the website such as if you put that would take me blog which is legitimate, but if one says or net probably nothing comes out but there is another angle to see this there is something called WOT and is called WEB OF TRUST which I recommend Google for this . See here the icon to know that I speak.

I recommend that you install this in your browser go to the Google Store and there you can download it, I tell you how this works, when you look for a site on your page or screen one of those colored circles will appear next to each site. if the color is green means that the reputation or the site is LEGITIMATE AND RELIABLE, yellow is like saying that there are doubts that must be investigated thoroughly, and red danger, but I will tell you one more that does not appear here and is a gray circle or without color, that means that there is no information about the site, so in that case you have to investigate much more thoroughly by seeing what others say or the address or URL as it is easy to get and even social media.

Sometimes there are people who make comments such as the REDDIT site, FACEBOOK, you can post questions to communities such as QUORA and others. I tell you this, a challenge that I have faced is that even the source of information to know if something is legitimate or not can also be fraudulent because they are people who work for these pirates and impersonate as an example there is something that Call SCAMADVICERS which is like WOT BUT YOU WILL SEE THAT THEY ARE THE SAME IN RED Bone is a very complicated thing this technological world that is very good but when used correctly. One of the easiest means of making some money or gift cards is a means of doing surveys, but there are some that are also fraudulent and make you answer as 3 minutes of questions and then say that you do not qualify.

This is very frustrating without a doubt, I have won with Survey Savvy about $ 300.00 in two years of course not daily, but it was fortunate that there were three surveys that each were worth 100 50 and a couple of 20 dollars but it was this last year I have not Not even a penny, these companies are very clever in what they do. That is why I have not said that they are scammers but they are not what they project.

Of course, the geographical area where you live in this matter of surveys greatly influences. In conclusion I tell you this with all my heart, if there are ways to make money but it involves that you have certain talents or that you have the ability to sell things or also a site or blog and have followers and do something with ads and that is another Very frustrating topic, and others have YouTube channels.

We know of many girls who, through being models or who are naked on subscription pages such as ONLYFANS, TIPSNAPS, PATREON, among others, and I mention that not because I am promoting it, but if these subscription pages are legitimate. I will be updating more information on specific sites and other information of interest.

I urge you to ask questions if you did not understand something or want information, or you can do your own research and if there is something that you can contribute or that what I have said is not correct because also because that way I learn from everyone and we complement each other in our knowledge, The point is that we can get something out of this that could mean that you make money or worse lose everything.

I have two blog pages in English and Spanish and I am not a pro I am a newbie and they are: Note: This here that is from is one of the things that this VIVALDI browser offers and can be used either its DOMAIN NAME or in case I use a sub-domain and it is free.

Success to all.