What is a Public Notary?

A notary is a person authorized to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents. The form that the notarial profession takes varies with local legal systems.

October 29, 2019.

A notary is a person authorized to perform acts in legal matters, in particular, to witness signatures in documents. The form adopted by the notarial profession varies with local legal systems.

I am Public Notary and I want to share a couple of things and I will get to the point about this matter. This if you want to make money as we say on the side because it is a good option. Each state has its own regulations but in general terms, it works the same wherever it wants.

What is required to be a Notary Public?
Each state has its own regulations you can research in your area it is very simple this online. But one thing that is vital that there must be is NOT TO HAVE CRIMINAL RECORD and even then and depending on the state you can look for legal ways just investigate.

If you want to be a Notary, you have to limp a course and pass an exam and have a certificate similar to this one once you pass the course.
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The cost with the stamp is between 85 and 100 dollars which you will renew every 4 years if you wish. One thing I tell you to never do, Notarize when it is expired, that can have very serious consequences so once you receive notification act but throw away the seal because nothing will be useful anymore.

I want to make a recommendation if you want to do marriages like in Florida, there is a pamphlet that even gives you guidelines on how to do a ceremony if the couple asks for that service.

Here is my idea, I have the advantage that I am Public Speaker and I speak both English languages ​​too, so as we know each person has their own religions or beliefs than to avoid controversies and that even you as a notary feel comfortable in what you will say then I have the perfect formula that worked for me and is:

Use the MARRIAGE VOTE which is something that is used throughout America and the Caribbean and what you do is divide each portion and explain it to the light of the Bible a brief application and that’s it, so there is nothing to interpret and do it in 20 minutes what people want is to celebrate that has worked perfectly for me.

If you want more ideas or training, as you can see on my card, I do that too.

How much to charge for my services?

Well, this is a standard but something is taken into consideration. It is actually $ 5.00 dollars per document but if you are asked to make the letter there you can charge more clearly and according to the letter.

Also Mortgages or Mortgages minimum $ 25 but if you have to travel there you also have to charge mileage.

Many people always give it something else but you have to establish the bases and limits. Never charge more than what is due is not a good practice.

What to do so that they know that I am a Notary?
  1) This is the first BLOG
  2) Social Media (Facebook and others)
  3) Business Cards like Vista Print for 100 only 15 dollars.
  4) Be part of the Community of Notaries.
  5) The simplest of all talk to everything you can and encourage them to talk to others.

Do your own research and according to your country and state and take this opportunity. It is an investment every four years if you are doing well because there you decide whether to continue or NOT because you remember the idea is to make money.

Detail for any case you can not notarize for yourself.

Until next time with more information a day or if you have questions here we are and what I do not look for.

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