Around the world, different traditional days are celebrated, some others that are considered official, such as in the United States, are recognized as OFFICIAL 21 of these days.

Others are rather personal and family level as is the wedding anniversaries and although there is also the influence of cultures or traditions including pagans are the birthdays.

We know that many celebrations call him “Religious” or “Christians”, others and recognizing Impacting People in History, some are beneficial for workers since they are paid for not working that day generally speaking and depending on companies or corporations.

The issue is that holidays and celebrations have been a fundamental part of human society throughout the world more in some countries since some celebrate things that for example here in the United States do not celebrate certain days or that are not recognized as Officials.

Having said all this and no matter what religion you practice or your personal beliefs I have to share a feeling that if you reflect well you will notice a common denominator.
But before I say it, I will ask these questions first, they will take us to the Common Denominator.

Why do you celebrate the holidays? Just because others do it? Do you know what you celebrate?
But the most important question of all is and in particular certain days is; Why has the government set these holidays and who benefits from all this?

Mostly and through generations, people, in general, observe days just because others do it or tradition or just some don’t care about point. Now some days do not affect you to say so because it simply does not involve, for example, free days at work or any celebration through parties on the street or at homes such as race day or the birth of a President-elect.

But what about the day of fathers or mothers, the famous Holloween or day of the witches or the saints or the dead according to the country, the day of thanksgiving and the most famous Christmas next to the New Year.

What do these days we just mentioned have in common?

It involves time and, above all, economic expenses.

Then we return to the original questions read them again they are now realizing where my address is. Well, I will confess that if some religious implications or beliefs are simply not based on Christianity as they want to project and the most outstanding thing about this is that even the same religion as Catholic in their encyclopedias admit this. So it is already clear that point and in my next articles, I will explain more details about the origins of these days what people believe and if it is correct or not.

In the United States, people are only projected to spend more than 10 billion dollars on Holloween alone and now imagine Christmas but also credit cards billions of dollars in debts with interest because people simply do not have the cash to spend on gifts or other related things.

So and to get to the point, I will express in short the answers to the questions we mentioned at the beginning?

The first thing is that if you are a person who is interested in knowing the truth of the things that do your research on this and other issues that affect it, it is Educational, Religious and Economically.

Second; Once well informed act according to what you know now with practical wisdom because the truth is that all these days of Christians have nothing but COMMERCE, the more days or observations more money for companies and the government for taxes to be paid and credit card companies realized, while you are a slave to them. Reason with me for a moment.

If I know that for example Christmas is based on an alleged Santa Claus or that the child Jesus was born in December but his research reveals that this is false, then because being a slave to something that has nothing to do with God and that if you He wants to make a gift when he can and from the heart, not because one day he tells him what he has to do.

And people do not realize that this is not sincere, some people never seek their mothers or fathers and come and make their gift and already think they did their duty.

Thanksgiving, they pray to God supposedly once a year but that is supposed to be done every day another HYPOCRISIES.

And the day of the witches or dead the famous Holloween, spirits, demons and witchcraft brutal murders and that is what their children celebrate and adults too and I do not want to say what they seem, well although it is a personal matter but if after all these factors I think there is nothing more to say. So what do you think now?

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