November 27, 2019

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What do Andrew Johnsson, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and now the current President of the United States know about Donald Trump?


Is that each one of them has been accused in one way or another of violating some form of law or criminal behavior and political corruption.

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Andrew Johnsson

Clinton and Johnsson were both exempted from the accusation of IMPEACHMENT which essentially means accusation for lack of Integrity, Relaxed Behavior, Betrayal and all of these cover Abuse of Power.

In the case of Nixon the famous Watergate, and we already know the story about it where I end up giving up which we already know by logic what that means.

But, so far there is no evidence to prove that Donald Trump is guilty of this.

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Richard Nixon

I want to clarify something I am not a Politician, I am not in favor of anyone, but there are things that I can give my point of view and what is obvious since people in general and who are objective are not and we are not stupid.

The first thing I am going to express is that all of this without exceptions are POLITICAL matters, it is not that these people are interested in justice and loyalty, or more importantly, even people who are you and I. This is a matter of POWER Politics is synonymous with lies and hypocrisy contrary to what this word means it is in summary: An individuals or groups that collectively establish resolutions for the activities related to our society.

But what we are living in the world is very far from this and although we have benefited in one way or another in particular those who live in the American nation, the truth of all is that the more time passes more to the discovery they are in particularly at the individual level, but let me tell you something, I CAN NEVER SAY THAT EVERY POLITICIAN IS GOOD FOR ANYTHING, there are individuals who wholeheartedly want to do good and without looking at their benefits.

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Bill Clinton

But unfortunately being so scarce and much more in countries and nations where there is no free policy but control of the government and people suffer the consequences.

Now returning to the issue of (IMPEACHMENT), the reason I began by expressing the above is that neither I nor you know if there was indeed this or not but on the other hand that is being evidenced by the motivations of the Democrats in this case, Well, if you analyze a couple of points, you will understand my point here.

Do you remember that when the elections were held in 2016, there is no doubt that nobody ever expected that this President was going to win, but the other candidate got into trouble, so two candidates had never been seen at the same time that they would be accused of corruption of some how since Hillary Clinton was accused by the famous e-mails.

Then once Trump won, he was immediately accused of conspiring with Russia in the intervention of the elections. Was that true or not? The answer is there the President follows and we don’t know anything for sure because as I mentioned, you can’t trust anyone.

But notice that the persecution was with Trump not with Hillary on the part of the Democrats so it is that worried about loyalty or because they were defeated and humiliated.

Second observation I make, the Democrats agreed that the famous Wall should be built, but when President Trump once said he wanted the wall right away they changed their minds, then again, what do you see in this? Remember, I am not defending anyone the point is that hypocrisy and falsehood as the song says in the end I will discover and this advice I will give you betrayal leads to loneliness.

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Adam Shciff and Nancy Pelosi

This whole episode that we are watching right now is a clown headed by two individuals namely Nancy Pelosi and Alan Schiff. The famous Whistelblower, if you were from Puerto Rico, would be the “Chota”, but my opinion is honestly two things or Alan Schiff himself is that character or simply does not exist. I don’t know just my thoughts because there is no logic here in all this.

Another issue that I see completely wrong and even unethical and could scratch in Corruption in my personal opinion again is the Press. It is assumed that the press or even the television news are here to give us information not to give their opinions and much less sodalize with anyone, if you watch well both CNN, THE WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK TIMES have the war declared on Donald Trump and this is the squeeze in the face that is false and corrupt and on the other hand FOX is with Trump regarding CBS and ABC I see a little neutrality you correct me if you wrong with that. My point is that this should not be them as individuals have the right to have their political preference but their collective work is supposed to be professionals and this is not. It’s like in Puerto Rico in my youth I don’t know if newspapers like El Nuevo Dia PNP, El Vocero PPD and El Mundo and El Imparcial still seem neutral but some of them are pulling independence.

Well, if we all use our logical thinking, within the non-political realm but now we as people regardless of whether these politicians do not care about anyone or as in this case, the current President, what are we seeing so far? Some reforms that have been achieved as in the field of Medical Insurance, The issue with Unemployment, bone economy in a seeming improvement. So you don’t believe that if politicians were interested in our well-being, they wouldn’t look at that rather than other things?

But, in the long run, there will be no President, Governor, anyone who can solve the problems that exist in the entire world, thousands of years, of governance have passed and everything remains the same or worse. What are we saying with this? Well, there is someone in the skies who has placed an IMPEACHMENT on the rulers of humanity headed by their god, the enemy. I know that many do not believe in this. But what one believes or not will affect what the truth is and what awaits this evil world. And I said world (evil humanity) not planet Earth.

On one occasion I made a comment on YouTube about a documentary about how the Arctic layer is melting and at the rate that goes in a few years the oceans will cover the Earth and therefore the end of the world. But the reality is that that it will not happen because the planet is not to blame for anything but man kind. There is historical data that clearly show that there have been destroyed but also survivors. And someone commented on this that I was a religious fanatic that one was not missing.

Well, my answer to his stupid comment was that it is better to be a fan of something good and real if it were the case which I am not than to be Ignorant, that is one of the things that is why the world is like this because there is no respect to nothing and nobody.

That’s why neither politics nor hypocritical false religion and stupid people will solve things and that is why not only politicians as an organization but also false religion and all bad people we are all IMPEACH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but by God.