In this section, I want to introduce a great friend of sister Dominican Republic, who in her posts on Facebook, I have appreciated some of her comments in the form of proverbs, sayings or advice no matter how we see it but that have a powerful message and good lessons in life. 

When we read the Proverbs of King Salomon in the Bible we can appreciate the principles and that is the purpose to convey all this wisdom that in this case was inspired by God himself so they are perfect but if one looks well those of Carolina or others who also based on principles not only of the Bible but of the values we must have as human beings.

I hope you read, enjoy and comment on this good teaching and wisdom and the objective is if we can learn and put to practice or modify things in life to be better as people.

DO NOT let people treat you badly… NOTHING MORE BECAUSE YOU LOVE

Comment: Love is something that is kind and forgiving but we have to love ourselves first to be able to do it with others and that leads to decisions that if a person in our life does not want to change his attitude or worse still affects even children because there and L love of JUSTICE makes one then although we are not going to hate the person but his actions and with the hope that that person whoever is can change and there is the showing of love on both sides and remembering that in a way that is also called Discipline. It is my opinion and application on this proverb or saying. Now what do you think?

Sometimes we forget that the heart needs to rest…

Comment: The heart is usually stirred by the problems of life or just life in itself that there are so many challenges, but when there are problems that are additional by circumstances that others cause us both mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, because a given that we are already without energy and our feelings are affected, so we must find the way of everything that is considered in different burdens to eliminate them.

Also the self-imposed burdens, so avoid them together that one can leave the burden to God and in our circle some true friend or a mother or father who feels comfortable to let us off and seek relief and advice.