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By Edward Morales

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I am not an expert in politics like so many.

Since the Pandemia, I get involved but not on purpose.

Want to be in the crisis of the Coronavirus.

And I remember the press conference.

I listen more to the doctors or experts, then of course President Trump.

When time goes on, suddenly it was President Trump 90% and after 100%.

He was the speaker.

The reason I mention this is that now by listening to him it becomes now politics and not a Health Crisis, the topic to be more covered.

I made a phone call to my mother.

During the conversation, she mentions to me that there are too many old people in congress.

She mentions that at ages 65 and over 70 we get different.

The mind does not function the same, some old habits and not with modern times.

Why Is Congress So Old?. Americans under the age of 40 are… | by Jill Filipovic | GEN


We all know that mental issues like remember things or coordination are some symptoms of age. Not energy like before.

My mom said: We need fresh blood in government.

Now of course she is not saying to have youngsters.

But the reality is in the more I think about it and watch.

It makes sense.

The age average is 57 and 61 for the Senate.

The new President Joe Biden is 78.

I am not saying that having mature men and women is not important of course is a key element.

But remember President Trump is also 74 and if you look at the way He is acting and talks.

He sounds like and a little child.

He is a bully as President. And let me make myself clear.

I am not affiliated with any party.

I see the results and listen.

Is very interesting that the Democrat Party is looking younger these days and I have to mention.

Diverse. If you look, the GOP is a mix of age but white.

That is another subject for another time.

But you get the picture.

If we go back in history in biblical times.

God uses different men and even women for a purpose of an assignment.

God directed Moses to have 70 strong but also wise men to help him.

Notice strong but wise.

To be wise and mature normally is after 25.

When the son of God was officially ready, He was 29.

Ready means for the special assignment and remember knowing, He was going to prosecute and sentence executed.

Madison Cawthorn - Wikipedia

Can anyone tender age understand something like this?

We know the answer.

But He still was young, not old.

There is a pattern in this.

Yes, old and experience are important.

Men in the past were more active than healthy because they were close to perfection.

Men at one time the average was over 100 years old before they pass away.

But not is 80.

What is that telling us? Get the picture?

I just want to share this with you.

It doesn’t matter men, no government on Earth can stop what is coming.

A new era. Believe or not believers or if you trust the Bible or not.

What is going to happen it will happen?

For some, that is good news. For others are not.

Only God and his government are the ones capable of fixing humanity.

That is a subject for a different day.

Just think and reflect.

Now is important to know that age, and how smart and mature are separate subjects.

Age is bad things and good at the same time.

In the United States congress.

Well, just take a deep look and you come to your conclusions.

Here is the updated age average and other info.



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