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How much more can we continue with this situation?

Corruption+Liers-Help=USA Caos during Pandemic

They have not involved me too much in politics in the past. I hate politics. But in the world, we live and the situation is going on right now.

I don’t have any choice to watch the news. I knew lies are everywhere in particular in politicians and members of the Government not only in the United States but Worldwide.


How Can We Cooperate When the Pandemic Is Driving Us…


But to be honest during this pandemic when things are the worse in history since 1917 and 1930 is where you see who these politicians are and above all.

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump. In the past, I thought some politicians from the democratic party were unfair to him.

But the more I read and observed sources you learn more and our eyes open more. And I am including everyone not only the President.

But because He is the Commander-in-Chief, we all look at him first. Is part of his job description.

What do we see as we speak today that shows the equation in the title above?

1)-President denies the numbers from the CDC and always talks about how great He is been doing and to reopen the economy, which soon is much better. 

 Fact: Millions are unemployed and the insurance is about to run out of funds.

2)-Police Brutality mix with racism, we have protest and riots all over which means more issues because of riots and violence from groups.

  This also has become a political issue.

The President defends and supports the police department.

I agree with that but need to be more aggressive in admitting there is a serious problem in leadership and training in some states not to mention all of them.

I have to make an observation. It is not fair that the lawyers and some leaders of the Black Community talking in a way like the Police Department in totality are Bad.

This is a false statement. Remember Police are key elements. When something happens, we don’t call our neighbor we call 911.

To say let’s eliminate the Police Department is stupid and idiotic. Yes, changes are needed no doubt. 

3)-Now this one is a more moral and racist issue that is affecting the country and shows where the President stands for. The issue is about confederate statues and flags.  

On this issue, I will say both are right but both are wrong. The President needs to understand that if something is offending and creating problems needs to step up.

But people have no right to do anything like vandalism or destroying property. There are ways to manage this situation but this not one of them.

4)-Following more about #3 is that Fox News reported that, Donald Trump & Tucker Carlson Were Just Endorsed for POTUS & VEEP by David Duke!

Now, why you think this is bad? Well, I have this observation that can help us understand this issue.

What is the primary message or slogan of Donald Trump’s campaign for the United States? America First.

Here are some tweets from David Dukes

Guess what the KKK uses this slogan during their marching back in the day. Are you getting the message? I will let you come to your own conclusions.

5)-The battle between The President, Doctors, School Administration, State governors, and Parents in the relation to the opening of schools.

Trump threatens to 'cut off funding' for schools that don't reopen ...

The President threats to cut funds on schools if not open in fall

We have more and more examples of terrible things going on. I cannot comprehend how politicians, the government, and I have to add fake news, and we as people that lots are not doing what we supposed to do.

Lives are at stake. We cannot be selfish and think only about ourselves.

While we know the chaos we are living in, the person who is supposed to lead is a lier, racist, and extremely arrogant. Click on the link and watch CNN’s report about Trump.

Now with that said, people need to also understand that the President or anyone in that position has to be more positive not negative the problem here is that He is not REALISTIC.

We can know what is we are facing. The Leader of the World needs to have a plan of action not tell everyone what to do with no plan and above all.

LISTEN TO SCIENCE. He is the President, not the doctor and doctors are not the President.

If each party listens to each other and we the people work as a team like the name of the nation the UNITED STATES the word united.

But we are not. When hate, violence no respect, police brutality racism the Covid-19, and the economic chaos.

Planning for the World After the Coronavirus Pandemic

The question is: What we are going to do when it’s time to act? And I guess you know what I am talking about.

The way to protest or look for changes and is to vote, not to go to the streets and promote violence, and to make it worse for people and the front-line workers and the military.

We make them work harder and are not fair. I always say and preach that no politician will resolve the problems of the world only God can do that and He will.

But that is a subject for another time. I advise you to do your best does not to listen to all news learn your sources follow your state’s guides. 

reality check

Is important to be realistic not sensationalist or false expectations and attempt to live day by day and keep in touch with family and friends give each other a hand in a smart and savvy way.

Whatever we do, should be for our benefit and others. And I have to emphasize this.

even a lawmaker telling people he doesn’t wear the mask and is a Constitutional Violation of an obligate citizen to wear a mask.

Listen, if it is or not what about using common sense. Making your own decision but be smart about it.

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If your doctors tell you to take this medication for your problem. Will you argue or just follow up?

Covid-19 volunteers - the people helping others get through the ...

I wish that is mandatory because this is out of control and what about my constitutional right to not getting infected by others.

What about that? Even that we know that Corruption + Lies – Help=Suffering. Let’s turn this around individually and be happy to do so.