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Why is it I never have money if I work hard and earn well?

This question is more important than ever because of a simple reason.

The Covid-19 era is here to stay.

Why so many people that even earn less than me and, that has everything and live quietly?

What am I doing wrong?

Over two thousand years ago in the Bible, there is a parable in the form of advice that says:

Who does not sit down first to calculate the expenses before building a Tower?

I mean buying or managing our money, no matter whether it is a lot or a little.


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After doing personal research on this subject, there are many more than 45 tips on different sites.

 I will share what I consider most PRACTICAL AND REALISTIC.

This applies more to people, especially those who are poor or grating, or as they say, the middle-class experts.

But, believe me, this applies to the rich also because there are few famous people, athletes who were billionaires and died in bankruptcy.

So it is not a matter of how much we have but how we handle it, again the keyword:

WISDOM means applying our intelligence or listening to advise from trusted sources and people.

Also, I will give you some input on things that work for me as a poor person.

All my life but even in the worse God has to help me and other sources.

The button line is LIFE is a battle and even that money is not the most important.

Is part of our LIFE and the main key element to surviving after our health.

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Turn off the television.

One big way to save money during the Covid-19 era is to drastically cut down on the amount of television you watch.

There are plenty of financial issues:

Less exposure to spending-inducing:

Ads, a lower electric bill (and perhaps a lower cable bill if you downgrade your subscription).

More time to focus on other things in life — such as a side business — and so on.

Want to take things a step further? Consider cutting the cord to cable TV altogether.

Stop collecting and start selling

There was a time when people thought their collections would bring them riches.

But now with this Covid-19 era, we need to be creative and proactive.

Beanie Babies were a big fad at one time,

As were Longaberger baskets.

Now you can find those items on resale sites like Craigslist.

And at garage sales for a fraction of their initial cost.

Leaving many people who sunk thousands of dollars into their “investments” wondering what happened.

If you want to avoid that situation, don’t collect items of questionable value.

And if you want to recoup some money, you’ve already spent on collectible items.

You can start selling them now and use those funds for many worthy financial goals.

Use credit cards wisely.

If you have a habit of overspending with credit cards.

Hide your cards and keep them in a safe place in your home, not in your wallet.

Keeping your card “out of sight and out of mind.”

Might help reduce temptation while you’re out and about.

Already in trouble with bad credit?

Apply for a bad credit card and rebuild your credit through slow, consistent spending on essentials.

Master the 30-day rule.

Avoiding instant gratification is one of the most important.

 Waiting 30 days to decide on a purchase is an excellent way to implement that rule.

Quite often, after a month has passed, you’ll find that the urge to buy has passed as well.

And you’ll have saved yourself some money simply by waiting.

If you’re on the fence about a purchase, anyway.

Waiting a while can give you a better perspective on whether it’s truly worth the money.

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it

One of the easiest ways to save money during the Covid-19 era is to only shop when you have a list.

Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases—all things that cost money.

Creating and following up a grocery list is vital and believe me, it works for me.

Not only can it help you buy items that fit with your meal plan, but it can also help you avoid buying food you might waste.

Always create a list and stick to it.

You can also take advantage of cash back-reward cards, that give bonus cash at grocery stores—just be sure to pay off the balance each month.

Let’s listen apply and by savvy during the Covid-19 era.





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