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Don’t let the paint fool you, Native Americans are people like you and me

When you connect to your internet and you look to the front pages of your Bing, Google, Microsoft, or any other that we use. What do you see?

We need to remember that Black Lives Matter but also everyone

News from Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, Weather, Gossip, and above all Politics and Trump.

I have seen all pages and is amazing all people talk about are blacks, Latinos, or whites, and we, and in particular the government.

Forget about other groups that in actual life are supposed to be the people that own this nation and those are the NATIVE AMERICANS.

All these idiots calling themselves Americans are so ignorant. We all are immigrants.

If you are not an Indigenous, you are not American by definition. I don’t care what anybody says. That is a fact.

I remember a radio show that during the interview she talks about all these Latinos and blacks coming to my country.

I call the radio station and I reply to her with this question.

Lady, are you Native American, and tell me the tribe you belong to?

And I can tell you are not because no Native American will talk so much crab like you and since you are not, well guess what.

Who the hell you think you are? You are just another immigrant, so shut the hell up.


Yes, I know I should be so nasty, but I am so fed up with much hatred and ignorance.

But back to my original subject. I always say this. All Lies Matters. It doesn’t matter where you come from.

We all are from one race, and that is humanity.

According to sources Native American Blacks and Latinos because of the lack of attention in some aspects, now you see the high price during this pandemic.

Veterans that include lots of people from these ethics are supposed to be taking care of in a more special way.

In Detroit, many black communities with no water because people cannot pay for lost income and jobs.

Now some have been restored because of the pandemic, but again the damage is done already.

How can you tell people to wash your hands when you shout the water down? Thanks to some people that donate water to those communities.

In New York, the subways and other transportation that is essential are blacks and Latinos and got hit hard by COVID-19.

After all this, we have a President that claims in all his stupid speeches that no other President has done more for Black and Latinos and interesting.


Native American is unique and wise people

Where are the Native Americans in governments or even we as a people in our conversations or subjects of importance?

This nation belongs to the Native Americans and is living in reservations like they are low-class people.

And we say that we are the best nation in the world. This is just another nation evil like all the world, is just that has some things that others do not.

But Injustice Evil is all over.

And when you see how corrupt is the government is very sick. People are suffering all over the world.

And we have “The Leader of the World” that the only thing we care about one person. HIMSELF.

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Wake up, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a very dangerous man!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The primary reason this nation is the way is right now is because of one virus that has been sitting on the chair for almost 4 years and others that support him.

You know the name.

I wish the best for our Native American People and all the Indigenous of America. Remember, they are people like you and me.