What relation is between this Proverb

in the relation of the George Floyd 

Protestors, The Corona Virus, and people?

Well, let’s look, Proverbs 22:3 says according to NWT-The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right ongoing and suffer the consequences.

There are more translations but it has the same message as it shows in this image.

But again let go to our primary subject, they related How this was to the situation we have now as mention before?

First question:

What is the main recommendation from the Corona Virus Task Force just to mention one of them about one of the fundamental ways to avoid getting the virus?

Answer: No enormous crowds, social distance, use protection, wash your hands frequently, and others.

Now, what exactly do you see with hundreds and hundreds of protesters gathering all close some use others they don’t use protection?

This means the potential of more spreading the virus, causing more trouble, we talk too much about the government not doing anything but we turned or refuse to see what are our responsibilities.

The proverb mention when other versions say “intelligent” even that me personally the term “savvy” will be applied best because you can be super intelligent but we can be stupid or not savvy, the savvy puts to practice the intelligence.

Is this smart what people doing under these special circumstances?

Another aspect; Why you think that all these mobs and I have to say, criminals, thugs, or in our language, “Son of Bitches”, low-class people taking advantage of the situation and do not give a “shit” about what the protest is all about.

But here is the point on to be smart and not stupid or like the proverbs say “suffer the consequences”.

If you and I know what is the risk and I want you to think about this: If all the good citizens just use other methods on the protest.

Which God knows I agree and just go home your point has been established.

When all these low-class people come to destroy property is much easier for the Authorities to stop them.

And they can even stop because now they are more visible. It is common sense.

So even the people may do this in a Pacific manner, but we are not living normal lives and we have to change accordingly or very simple more disaster in society.

As it is we already a disaster world, natural disasters, economic collapses, war, hate, divisions, corruption, bad leaders, and the list goes on and on.

But whatever is under our control we need to do what proverbs say in this other version: A prudent man foreteeth the evil, and Hadith himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.