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THE WORLD IS CRYING LOUD THANKS IN PART OF COVID-19–a-reminder-of-the-power-of-hope-and-solidarity.html

Our world is crying and is in a deep depression and screaming for mercy.

The pandemia is part of the worldwide chaos and situation today and let’s do not forget the storms, earthquakes plus fires in California.

But the worse virus we have at present time is the Politicians starting with the President and Senate and we the people.

We cannot behave in how we supposed to do so.

It is a sad tragic situation. Now we have more abuse, drugs, and suicide, and part is all the mention above.

Especially our leaders. And that is the primary subject.

Humanity, Government will never even if as an individual is honest cannot do anything about it.

Not only is too late is just that only one can take care of this. And He is in Heaven. You know who.

If you think that the virus is something, that is coming soon will make the virus look harmless. But there is always hope.

Only for those that will act now.

What is happening today is something that was already predicted and I am not talking about human predictions?

 But biblical predictions, which many do not believe.

 We do not read; we do not scrutinize; we do not investigate and above all; we do not prepare mentally, emotionally, and above all spiritual.

I do not mention physical because that part even is important but most we cannot control since health issues and death are part of life today.

And what I am talking about is not a religion since precisely part of the blame for so much fear and confusion.

Is the Religion as an Organization, of course, there is always an exception that does not fall in this group or organization, but that is another topic.

I was years ago a non-believer in terms that I gave no importance or let just say pay attention to bible matters.

No one obligates me. I just study and make my conclusions objectively and logically. People follow what others say or believe just for traditions or very simple. Don’t give a sh!! about it.

But the worse part is ignorance. When people don’t believe in the Bible as the guide in life. What are the results?

Just look around and you tell me.

If not believing make sense, then what is the point of this situation. Let me give you an example of nonsense.

Some believe that when you died you will go to a better place like heaven.

We do not even deserve to live, and we are thinking of Paradise in Heaven. But that was correct.

What will be the logic? Well, to kill ourselves and move. But that sounds stupid right. I rest my case.

Now we see how powerless we are, and how MEN DOESN’T not even correspond to direct his steps. Everything it does is bad or incomplete.

I would be hypocritical if I am going to talk about what we have to do since one does not do it oneself because of weakness, lack of will, or any other mental or emotional problem.

The problem is that many now want to seek God, but there is before, well anyway we are not to criticize.

But try to encourage ourselves if possible. But how do we do it, where to find comfort?  THE BIBLE THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD.

Something interesting is that many say men wrote the Bible so it is not reliable, however, those who speak like this.

believe the man who says that we are an Evolution, among many other beliefs or worse those who say they are prophets.

If we read Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, 2 Timothy 3: 1-5, 2 Peter among others that speaks clearly what we live.

And before you say well if before there were also earthquakes, plagues, well if you are correct but there has never been this at the WORLD level.

And note that I not only speak of disasters but the attitude of the people.

The book of Revelation or Revelation in symbolic form explains more of the times we live in and what will happen:


As in the past, there was destruction, but notice what they had in common.

1) There was a warning.

2) It gave specific Instructions

3) They were told the benefits

4) Life to the obedient

5) Death to those who did not go.

Just examine well that another book can EXACTLY predict what will happen to a nation or the birth of Jesus.

all prophecy that was fulfilled in Him and even secular history through books and encyclopedias prove as well.

But going back to the point we started, THE WORLD IS CRYING, and it is not for joy the only thing we can do is a lot of prayers to give us ENDURANCE.

Read the scriptures, investigate read the Psalms and books that are stimulating and comforting.

And learn from past servants as they held and God or gave them the support of the problem book today we have to hold on until God says!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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