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Even that this happen some time ago and after the election, this is still a very important issue in America

George Floyd’s “Public Execution” has influenced not only Blacks not only the United States but the hold world that is watching.

Now is completely understandable that good decent citizens are so angry about the way discrimination continues in particular where it is not supposed to happen.

But we have to make sure that we understand that “freedom and debauchery are not synonymous”.

In other nations, you try these protests and will be executed.

So everything extreme is bad, and that is my issue with all this situation.

But it is very wrong to see now the Police Department as a problem, the problem is leadership, the legislation.

Discrimination, racism has been going on for centuries, and it doesn’t matter what anyone does there is nothing to do about it in terms of the people that are ignorant and stupid.

But the leadership has to do something about it to at least control I repeat Control not resolved 100%, that will never happen, at least not by men.

Let’s go back to the question: Who is right the people or The President on his attitude with this situation?

Not to mention I should include the police officers, but again is not their fault, only some ones that have issues like the ones that have been arrested, just still some idiots.

It is so easy to tell people to stay home or tell the President to do nothing to stop people, or the people wanting to do things overwhelmingly.

Even sports figures and celebrities even former President Obama, encouraging people to continue in particular young people.

Now things will be done calmly is good but even that is good but we have a Pandemia a Virus killing people, the country is trying to recover and this is not a good idea.

And for those that criticize the President and believe me, I don’t like him that all.

But what do you want for him to let all these criminals take advantage by destroying property or putting at risk the White House?

You have another saying that it has formed the nation base on violent protest, but you are encouraging the criminals to do evil.

What I am trying to say is that as individuals we have to be realistic, not emotional.

A Balance has to be established, and in the end, the President and all people in charge wait too long to arrest these criminals.

If they will do things at a quick pace, the probabilities of this protest will not be that severe.

Why wait when all was so obvious. So once again this was like the poor response when the Coronavirus starts back in December and reports in January and the President just did not listen.

And now want to say that because of his decisions they saved millions. Maybe that is correct but He can avoid the way they did less disaster if these were back in January.

It makes me sick that this Virus and now this crime has a political weapon for the Democrats as well.

Now they are pretending to be so good, both sides are the same, it is a matter of power not that they care about you and me as an organization, not an individual.

There is no doubt this President is not fit for office and I always say when things are going good you are so proud and happy.

When things go south and instate of being a leader you just pointing fingers, bulling people using Twitter all day long and the only thing you listen to is negative things and his election.

This is the first President that does not face the situation in a more urgent matter, I seem leaders in the past.

Even risking their own lives right in the middle of the crowd, but we have a pandemic.

I asked again: Who is right? NO ONE. Just my opinion.

God help us all and God bless the family of his family and anyone going through similar situations that we do not know.



PS. But if I am going to choose: People are sick and tired of all this Injustice.

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