This is the last Instagram post of Joselyn it is so sad moment

We all heard about cosmetic, plastic, aesthetics surgeries.

We also know there are a variety of reasons for it.

Some may I add are vital in some situations.

Like Health or after an accident.

But what is going on now is very alarming.

I am referring to so many women and even young girls (teens) who are doing this.

When it makes no sense.

So many are so beautiful and still want to do this.

I know about girls that for the holidays they do not ask for cellphones or computers.

But they want a breast implant or bigger lips or even more buttons.

When I knew about this practice, I thought it was just for the rich or Hollywood.

And I was wrong. Even poor girls are doing this.

What they do is get to do webcam shows, Instagram and Twitter posting almost naked pictures, Tik Tök, and videos.

And some go way farther, practicing prostitution or porn.

If I have a daughter and she asks me for this, I will smack her head and shut her up. But is not the best practice.

We need to talk to our children about the subjects.

Now one reason I want to talk about this is that in recent days.

I learn that a beautiful Social Media beauty pass away after plastic surgery in Colombia and her name was Joselyn Cano.

I was shocked for 2 reasons. The first one, well that so young and she is gone. But my thought was.

Why? Why? Why she had to do this again.

She was looking fantastic.

Is like it was not enough. She did her lips, facial, breast, and nose.

She did not even look like her anymore. And to be honest, I did not find her that attractive anymore.

Ladies and all of you.

This is very dangerous.

We need to talk and share more about all this.

Social Media, the Internet, and the Networks preach that if you do not look hot, you are nobody.

If you do not have a big breast or butt, you are not up to date.

You cannot find a boyfriend or vice versa.

Going back to when I mention once I learn about these surgeries.

At first, I used to say: Well, if these girls or women in social media or Hollywood are going to be rich or make a living out of these.

Why not?

But when you look deeply, we are talking about insecurities, mental and emotional issues.

And one of the surprising elements about some of these girls and women is that when you look at their before pictures; they just look so naturally beautiful.

These are examples of how bad they can look

But these are examples of how tragic they can be, all of them died of complications after procedures

Not all are bad, these look decent, but again she was and still beautiful. Celebrities have different agendas.

Some of these girls do not know how potentially damaging is this practice.

Let me mention this; not all surgeries are bad.

The link above is an article in Spanish I found interesting.

There are examples like breast cancer, or facial.

Other parts after a car accident or burn among other situations where it makes perfect sense to do this.

And still is not a requirement sometimes.

When you navigate the internet, you will see examples of women that look horrible after all these plastic surgeries.

God created all of us unique and beautiful.

Even that is the truth.

Because of our first parents’ sin, no one is perfect and we have issues. But we need to establish two things.

We all will get old and not attractive anymore and pass.

The other is that the most important thing is who you are as a person.

The Bible mentions the secret person in your heart.

That is the beauty that will never die and is the number one that you will be accepted or not by good people.

Remember not everyone cares about your interior the care only exterior.

The bully is another reason this happens.

Again, I cannot say this enough. Look for help or Parents talk to your children.

Friends talk to your friends and family members that you observe or hear this type of insecurities.

I will leave some images on some girls, or models and you tell me.

Worse is some women use credit cards to even sell a property or try anything to have the money to do this.

The button line is that there is nothing good coming out of these with the exception we mention before.

Be yourself, feel confident because of who you are, do not worried about others.

Remember, we need to have our own personality to own ourselves, not because some idiots say things on social media, the internet, magazines, and television.

You are beautiful.