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The World Leader’s attitude, if you can call him a leader, is acting radically irresponsibly.

I have never in my life seen a ruler or President of the American nation who is so ignorant, so clown, so insensitive.

The part if it is racist or not, I will leave to you because I cannot read your heart, but if you listen well to it what he says and how he says it, you could reach your conclusions on that topic.

What has happened lately, this man making public election campaigns with vast audiences and most not wearing his masks?

I am cutting funds for testing in states like Texas where cases are increasing alarmingly today as I am writing over 5,500 in a single day positive for the virus.

The state of Florida where I live so much that they were doing such a good job and is now one state that most cases along with Texas, Arizona, among other states.

Politics has become more openly gross of corruption, not only on one side but wherever.
This President is cutting funds, telling people it is voluntary to put on the mask.


I true leader leads by example, but again


Click the link above and read what this article says about why the refusal of wearing a mask from Trump:

Even yesterday at the press conference when the Vice President was asked: How do you tell people to follow the guidelines if the President himself never puts on the masks and campaigning politically?

I invite you to watch this analysis base on some issues mention here and the ridiculous words of the vice-president.

The only positive was the doctors and the fact that I have to recognize that the vice-president even said so much “bull shit” but has some respect for the press, something I cannot say about the President.

Her response was: Good is the right to free expression in the Constitution. In Florida, the governor, another idiot, now saw the rope around his neck and ordered all the bars not to serve alcoholic drinks, too close.

     Bars and restaurants close again but the President still wants to do political rallies.

This nation is called the United States. Look at the word UNITED and right now, united has nothing.

But according to what I say, I say the other. What about people, individually or collectively?

If a person tells you to jump off the Empire State Building, nothing will happen to you. Would you
So why the hell do people act like stupid irrational?

We honestly have a leader who is a person who is not good enough to be the commander of a nation.

I only praise it for giving more importance to statues, threatening the people who protest peacefully.

Repeating the same sh!! that if it were not because many more people would have died.

Well, stupid precisely for that reason we are as we are for not listening and there are tests on YouTube.

I will say this with no pain. People who support and vote for this good lunatic do not know.

I can not say what I think because people have their rights and that if I respect it, I mean to respect people but not stupid or what makes little sense.

There are rights and freedom, but that there are my rights not to be infected because someone else does not want to listen.

How about my freedom to demand my rights? What confuses me is that one thing is freedom, and another debauchery is one thing to have rights, and another is to respect others?

I don’t even know what to think. The only thing I can say is that this is all a sign that this damn world and its evil will end.

Because according to one as a decent person and many do not tolerate injustice in heaven, there is one who has been enduring the evil of us as human beings.

Both Satan, the ruler of this world, along with all his supporters, as the political system, false religion, and corrupt trade and all evil will end.

When it will be? I don’t know. But be alert, and if it does not prepare us, we go with them. That is another topic.

But whether we believe in this is irreverent. What will happen will happen? For many, it will be a curse, but for others, a blessing.

May God have mercy and endure us during this pandemic, the worst thing is suffering, no death.

The wages sin pays is death. Let us live to survive and if we die, may God have us in his memory.

Good health to you.



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