President Trump
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Every day goes on he is showing more his true colors of arrogance, stupidity, and irresponsible conduct as a leader and Commander-in-Chief.

I want to mention a few things, that are so obvious. This President is showing who he is during this crisis.

How in the world you are making your own judgment after the police push a 75-year-old peace-full man saying that He was an Antifa provocateur?

How can a President be so stupid and ignorant? I have seen some Presidents or anyone in the leadership position and read a lot about them.

But in modern history, I never witness in my lifetime a President so “arrogant-stupid-dangerous.

The amazing part He was white, imagining what will happen if that man were black. This President has to be gone.

Me personally I thought that people and the press were unfair even the impeachment but now I open my eyes.

Let me be very clear, is not the press is not people that condemn him is his own mouth and actions or lack of actions.

Now no one can say anything, the evidence is clear, this man is a dangerous President. Never in my life observed a President that lies sarcastically with a severe lack of respect.

The other one is the time he went to visit the Puritan Plant in Maine now this image will speak volumes on my point.

How in the world you can first lie saying that you wear a mask behind the scene which make no stupid sense?

Again insulting our intelligence and you have the audacity to walk with no mask in a place where are creating this for people to wear?

How can you be so Irresponsible arrogant and stupid as the Commander-in-Chief?

A genuine leader is an example for others to follow and in the image, you always have other idiots to support him or kiss his ass.

This is the face of the nation? Really? True Color Show?

Remember this, when comes to advice. Do what they say no what they do.

Like this idiot says wear the mask and then he adds is not mandatory because He wants to justify the fact He does not, well why follow this idiot.

We have to take charge and be Responsible and Savvy doing the right thing.
If He does not give a shit about us.

Why we should?

Let’s use common sense listen absorb, learn and follow what is common sense and the right thing to do, not any President that acts like an idiot and not like a leader.

This man and gives the impression that wants to kill more people.

We have to be smart, if they don’t give you know what then we need to take charge and not imitate some people acting like so stupid idiot.

I always say if you want to f??? do it yourself not to others. 

Please let’s wear the mask, let’s save some lives including our families and love ones. It is just the right thing to do.

Like the President from El Salvador mention. “Without people, there is no economy”.

P.S. I want to make something clear, I hate politics and have no preference for any parties but I respect the Institutions; I do not hate the President or any person what I hate is the actions of any person who makes people’s lives miserable and difficult.