As is public knowledge in the southern part of Puerto Rico in particular Guanica and adjacent towns are trembling or earthquakes and there have already been damaged.

People live in fear, many are living outdoors in stadiums and waiting for more help from the United States. They do not prepare the government for this type of phenomenon.

But apart from situations like this, it is not anyone’s fault directly but in reality, this is part of what prophesied events that the End of the World is Imminent, but that is other issues.

Now, what else can we say to follow this line of thought? What is the Government of Puerto Rico doing? What is the biggest problem?

It is not surprising to see this image and just an example of what is happening for years not only in Puerto Rico but the entire world but on our island; it is much more reflected.

Because of technology, everything is now known. The blatant robbery of most politicians is absurd and imminent.

When Hurricane Maria happened, the President of the United States approved 92 billion dollars.

There are rumors that only 42 were received, but suppose it is so, that money was for the island to have electricity for at least not so many months.

And if You put yourself in the place, you would think.

For example: How would you feel about giving money to a child to make a house and use it to get drugs? Would you send more money yet?

They prove that politicians have stolen these funds. My mother on a road saw 25 employees of the Electric Power Authority, while two worked the others playing dominoes or doing nothing.

Then so much SHIT that people talk about the United States and watch what happens.

Another thing is that the people themselves sit down and wait for the government to help them and keep the wave of the people living off the lies and rob the government thieves stealing thieves.

Do you get the point here?

I am fed up but fed up with so much impudence and little shame that is happening on the island.

More than half of the people of Puerto Rico live at the expense of the government, always complaining that there is no work or money.

But when Christmas comes and all the festivities and drinks cans or concerts, you see the crowded places of people there were.

A record of more Christmas shopping and I’m not including Kings Day. This is the truth and if I don’t tell the truth, try the opposite.


Before reaching this point I want to make an observation. We know the American nation and this to all who help others only if there are interests involved.

When the military was in Vieques, there was more help from the American government.

But people give it to give with protests and not think with the brains that this would be a fatal mistake for the economy of Puerto Rico.

So much SHIT that they talk about patriotism or the flag as if that is more important than having a better economy, housing, eating, education, and more and more.

And that’s where I come from, the Commonwealth is not working, apparently, Statehood was the solution, but I think it’s too late for that because Puerto Rico is screwed.

But if a miracle happened, it would help, but in the meantime, the privatization of corporations and not the government controlling everything would not be so chaotic the situation for many decent and hardworking people.

I tell you examples, now when the light went out, and the tremors occurred, the airports of Ponce and Aguadilla had no service and closed however the one in Isla Verde there were no complications.

Now you wonder why I say this. Simple the owner is a Mexican bone PRIVATIZED, does not depend on the government, look at the roads that are always in excellent condition are not the government, now come to the point.

There was a person who offered to buy the ELECTRICAL ENERGY AUTHORITY, and they refused.

The Japanese wanted to buy the Ceiba base that is even closed to make a park similar to Disney World.

But neither and this is obvious, if they do this they can’t keep stealing from the people. This is the reality of everything.

Both the people and the government are good but bad. And the saddest part is those good and humble people are the ones who suffer the most.

While the frauds and lazy people enjoy a good life, PRIVATIZE the hamlet’s people stealing light, selling drugs and do not pay rent or if they do, it is little this but change will continue to get worse.

These “tremors” caused by people are what will cause the “earthquake that will end everything.” Of course, I am speaking from the point of view of what is logical and what is lived.