All four ex-officers charged in Floyd's death amid protests

Part of the idiots that are the problem and on your right former officer they found Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges.

We are just living in a Sad, Sick World.

According to the USA today things are heating protesters are all over some states but some violent people always so stupid and these are the assholes that make the rest look bad.

Listen, if it happens to a let us say a white with white or Latino to Latino or even black to black some will not make a big deal about it but again here we go.

This issue has been happening for centuries is not now, it just that now with technology we see and hear more about almost every issue.

But honesty this is stupid to do this protesting, at this level because.

What good are people doing, a virus situation, people, and property damage?

So these people look worse than one police officer, and you and I cannot judge all white officers like they are racist.

I have news for you, blacks also some are the same some Hispanics and by the way.

I am Hispanic and very proud of it. Some of the other race had this ignorant air of superiority that I just don’t know where that hell come from.

Yes, I agree this officer is an asshole and should pay the price.

Yes, something needs to be done to control these situations but again never will be 100%. So deal with it.

The only thing we can do is observe and report not confront you will lose.

Some people use this as an excuse to promote violence and if people follow this they are so guilty as these assholes too.

So instead of wasting time in the streets. Just be cool and concentrate on the most important issues to take care of your family and trying all of us to recover and let the people that have to deal with this do their job.

Now here is my thing, if the leaders show this type of conduct naturally the ones under their wings are going to do the same ignorance.

But is very important that the people hire for positions like police, teachers, managers they have to have people skills and not this type of issues.

And if other officers let’s say they know that a particular officer has these problems and do not report it that officer is so guilty as the one that is an asshole simple as that.

And that is another reason why so many people do not have respect even thou is not an excuse.

But some just don’t have the level of respect to them as the level was many years ago even teachers decades ago was like our second parents but not anymore.

And both sides are guilty because parents have to do a better job and teaching respect and how to protect children from predators and bullies.

Not with violence but with excellent advice on how to confront situations like these.

I feel very sad about what happened to Mr. George Floyd, but believe more victims to come if there is not corrected the best way.

But in conclusion protest but be smart, if you see danger go home.

Even the Bible says:

There is a time for everything.

To work, to eat, to rest, to play.

As long we all do things in a balanced and savvy way things should be a little better not worse as it is now.

Control what you can.