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So I have written many books about couple relationships, marriages, and family. What love means.

And I always say that these are issues that will never end because of the divorce rate.

Is alarming or those who choose to live together or start a relationship with the goal of staying together.

Today I want to consider and focus on women. Because remember that in what has to do with relationships.

Both play a role, whether it succeeds or fails, it takes two to dance the tango.

But like a dance you have to know the steps, intense rehearsals with dedication, but if you get tired, there is no longer compatible.

That will be another more specific topic that we will deal with later. But going back.

I want to talk specifically about one of the most common problems that I see because women fail so much to find someone suitable.

Although that can also apply to men. And where I see it, the most is with Caribbean women and in the United States.

Let me explain what is happening, and I have spoken to so many women, young or old, who have failed not once but several times.

And a common denominator is that they know someone and not even days go by and they have already had intimate relationships some the same night.

What did we know in English as ONE-NIGHT STAND?

If even when our grandparent’s parents did things differently than it is today.

There are counselors and even judges who are in favor of a couple having sex first to see if they are compatible, and that is stupid and false to think so.

But that is also another matter.

Now let’s get to the point for you woman that you have had so many failures and even when you have tried to do things well but that are not correct or ideal.

You know men are weaker and some act like dogs in what has to do with sexuality, although many women also, but I speak within what is normal.

Getting an ideal man is something that is almost impossible but it is not. So there is my first point. PATIENCE.

You cannot despair because when a man knows you he can perceive that and you can fall as prey not as a woman of respect.

I will vulgarly say what I have advised many and that those who paid attention to me today thank me and it is:


I do not recommend; it is better to legalize the matter there are many things that are important in this outside the moral aspect.

If you know someone and you have to look at where and under what circumstances.

They were under the influence or maybe even drunk, there are several elements that are taken into consideration.

It is not the same to know a person in the church that in a club or barLook at this; it is simple.

If you follow the guidelines of how it was done in the past which is still the correct one, not old-fashioned.

People are so stupid and ignorant thinking that because something is the fashion that makes it correct.

Remember something that many do not understand by ignorance of fashions or what we do now or not.

Sexual intercourse is a manifestation of love that only married couples have the legal and moral right before God.

Libertine that is abusing freedom or rights is another song. And if God gave us free will, but that means nothing.

 What is wrong is wrong and only hard-headed people cannot see this, because of the number of failures?

And because we want to do things our way and not as the Creator ruled, and this is not a religion, this is common sense and logic.

Here are the details or steps:

1)-Take time to talk not on the phone or computer but on a personal level in public places.

Like in a restaurant or if they are in the house with people around. Avoid sexual urges.

2) -Don’t be hypocritical. If you don’t like the color black, don’t say it’s your favorite color as well.

3) -Background check, people who know the individual in question.

4) -How many relationships have you had and the reason for the failures and when did you see the last time.

And even if he has been unfaithful.

5) -You are sure that he is single or if he has children.

6) -Avoid all physical contact in the first stage.

7) -If He tries to kiss your lips give him the cheek.

8) -If when they already kiss and the intensity begins, you tell them NO resounding.

) -Remember to go out in a group, if the man respects your decision or if there is an attitude of despair or frustration.

Do not judge yet, perhaps the man is not used to being told that No. Give him time.

10) -If he asks you or presses that he wants to have sex and they are still getting acquainted, you tell him that NO that sexual relations are for an established couple is the consummate of love founded on values ​​and principles.

If this man continues with you although your wife you have not allowed me to touch your temple.

There you can see that this man has for you the crucial word he wanted to refer to that can 99% determine if the relationship is going to be successful as a couple and this is RESPECT.

In conclusion; woman just touch above there is much clearer but in conclusion they do not play marriage in the first day or weeks of meeting.

Relationships are like a plant. The seed is sown, water is added, vitamins, and when the flower comes out.

Take care of it for the rest of your life, and that is your wife, a beautiful flower, not a piece of meat.

Be happy, Independent, loved, respected, and above all love yourself first.

You are the best creation and gift that God has given to man and the best gift for women is a good man and especially children if they so choose.

It was wise to remember something a woman is better alone than in poor company.

You are much stronger than you think give yourself RESPECT and so you will succeed in the relationship or in life alone or not.

In future articles, I will talk more about ways to have respect in relationships and succeed