Consideration, accompanied by a certain submission, with which a person or thing is treated.

For some quality, situation, or circumstance that determines them and that leads to abiding by what it says or establishes or not to cause offense or damage.

A consideration that something is worthy and should be tolerated.

“Respect for human rights; respect for freedom of expression; respect for one’s body,”

We are living in the most turbulent times of human history; we see so many things that are happening.

Many that are very obvious such as wars, hunger, economic problems, and especially mental and physical health and crime and especially since my POINT OF LACK OF REPEAT

Because I say that the lack of good respect I give you an example personally.

You do not have the literal obligation to love a person although the bible and morally yes.

You do not have to like him and vice versa but if you RESPECT and when you start with it.

The love of friendship comes from others and being loyal friends, united families, and good relations with everyone.

Look how the Disrespect is ending the World, and based on that come conflicts and fights, and the worst of all this, as the popular saying goes.

“It all starts at home.”

Unfortunately, this was already predicted that it would happen as part of the prophecy that would mark some religions knew what.


Many do not believe in this but although I am not here trying to establish religious or biblical matters, I am increasingly convinced that this is so.

The following passages that are in the Bible are very clear, such as Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 these focus on the prophecy.

 Speaks of the world events we see now but in MAJOR SCALE. Others are 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 and Revelation or Revelation 11:18.

Now putting that aside, what we have left to do, well although I don’t have the moral to be preaching anything there are only two things we can do.

The first is to live every day as if it were the last to do good, try to enjoy what we can while you can.

Not thinking so much about what happens because they can do nothing since evil and its god SATAN THE DEVIL controlled the entire world.

The second thing is what I personally should do, and it is to look for God and do his will. Something important is that people do not understand are three things.

The first is that you have to know the TRUTH, not all religion leads to God as people think ignorantly, the second thing is that you have to do the right thing.

And the third and last is not to Do the wrong thing and notice that many people think.

It is only to surrender to the Lord or go to church and then go out of there to do things in their own way or badly done.

False religious leaders and stealing money are the first responsible for missing RESPECT and as a result faith in the Bible or spiritual matters has been lost.

The lack of respect is too obvious, so this is a topic that is too broad, but as far as we can, WE RESPECT EVERYONE no matter where we are from, respecting animals, human life, and above all respecting God.

Let us seek peace, promote peace through respect for all. In my next article, I will talk about one of the biggest failures of respect for life.

And that it is mute exploitation but that every day is coming out more afloat and this is in relation to our children and I will talk about two specific news that we can learn practical lessons.