For many people who want a more flexible work schedule, finding good jobs online from home is the dream, right?

Even if you can’t work by the pool with a daisy in your hand, working from home allows you to balance work and family.

Create your own office environment and achieve autonomy that can give you peace of mind. (Aka, no boss or co-workers breathing through your neck).

Also, it is not an awful trip! What I want to share with you is something that I see very well in particular in the Hispanic community and humble people.

That some as in my case we are disabled or others retired and want to be productive.

Entertain but monetize that it is the goal after all but there are also those who are under pressure to make money because what they earn is not enough for the support even at a personal and another family level.

And lies the danger because these INDIVIDUALS WITHOUT SCRUBLES AND RICH take advantage.

To rob them of living and that is precisely why you see they are millionaires or rich and give themselves a good life by deceiving others.

Obviously, I cannot cover all the details in this paper but I will give you the most important thing, and I urge you to do your own bone research.

Do not even trust what I say, trust nothing or anyone in the media but once you confirm what they said and the intention, then if we can have a certain confidence.

Remember, you do not know the person who writes as in my case, if my mother reads this then there obviously is no problem.

Even a family member can identify if one is a scammer or is not. I speak with all my heart as we say in my Earth “A PANTS removed”.

Do you observe the image at the beginning of the article? What is the common denominator that you observed?


Like a disease, know the symptoms and what medications would be appropriate to cure us.

But to avoid certain diseases we are told what to do or not do to avoid even the symptoms.

This is the case with this tumor of the SCAM in The Internet media, not only job offers but other supposed ways of obtaining generating material gains.

Here is a list of examples of these: E-Commerce (With Electronic Commerce) E-mail from Nigeria (Letters from Nigeria by email) Cash Checking (Change Checks) Medical Billing Mystery Shopping Affiliate Marketing

(* With exception of one of them) Copy and Paste And we can mention many more but only to give the idea and if you look at these not only give the impression that they are legitimate.

 They are things that in the past have been done, but the point is two things, the first is if what It is said it is still done and second if it is something that actually pays money or if you do work but for free.

Another important aspect is the fact that some offer things using the logo of legitimate companies such as Amazon, eBay among others.

that is why it is so difficult to know if something is legitimate or not. But I will be more specific point by point.

Let’s identify some symptoms or signs of the tumor Claim of Surprising Income Pay something upfront Contact Information without value.

A questionable URL Very few details They contact you out of nowhere It just feels incomplete Avoid scams work from home You surveys (There is a list of some that if they are legitimate).

W.O.T and is called WEB OF TRUST which I recommend Google for this. See here the icon to know that I speak.

I recommend you install this in your browser go to the Google Store and there you can download it; I tell you how this works, when you look for a site on your page or screen one of those colored circles will appear next to each site.

if the color is green means that the reputation or the site is LEGITIMATE AND RELIABLE, yellow is like saying that there are doubts that must be investigated thoroughly, and red danger.

But I will tell you one more that does not appear here and is a gray circle or without color, so there is no information about the site.

 In that case, investigate much more thoroughly by seeing what others say or the address or URL as it is easy to get and even social media.

Sometimes there are people who make comments such as the REDDIT site, FACEBOOK, you can post questions to communities such as QUORA and others.

I tell you this, a challenge that I have faced is that even the source of information to know if something.

Is legitimate or not can also be fraudulent because they are people who work for these pirates and impersonate as example there is something that Call SCAMADVICERS.


Bone is a very complicated thing in this technological world that is very good but when used correctly.

One of the easiest means of making some money or gift cards is a means of doing surveys.

There are some that are also fraudulent and make you answer 3 minutes of questions and then say that you do not qualify.

This is very frustrating without a doubt, I have won with Survey Savvy about $300.00 in two years of course not daily.

It was fortunate that there were three surveys that each were worth 100 50 and a couple of 20 dollars but it was this last year.

I have not Not even a penny, these companies are brilliant in what they do. That is why I have not said that they are scammers but they are not what they project.

Of course, the geographical area where you live in this matter of surveys influences.

In conclusion, I tell you this with all my heart if there are ways to make money but it involves that you have certain talents or that you can sell things.

Also, a site or blog and have followers and does something with ads and that is another Very frustrating topic, and others have YouTube channels.

We know of many girls who, through being models or who are naked on subscription pages such as ONLYFANS, TIPSNAPS, PATREON, among others.

 I mention that not because I am promoting it, but if these subscription pages are legitimate. I will update more information on specific sites and other information of interest.

I urge you to ask questions if you did not understand something or want information, or you can do your own research.

If there is something that you can contribute or that what I have said is not correct because also because of that way I learn from everyone.

We complement each other in our knowledge, we can get something out of this that could mean that you make money or worse lose everything.

Success to all.