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5Tips How to Shop and Preserve While Shopping.

Today, more than ever in history, we need to be patient and prudent when shopping.

 I am not a pro I will not use fancy words I just talk common sense.

 Also, my experience in life. As long the message is clear, that is my goal.

 It is not only a matter of buying you is to be aware in how to preserve.

 Do you know that the United States alone by 2018 has reported waste over 150 tons of food that is 161 billion dollars?

Down the Rabbit Hole: Why Measuring Food Waste Is So ConfusingNYC ...

  I am proud to mention that is a record number top place in the world.

Why did that happen?

 They expire, production is an extra limited plus for not lowering prices, and nothing giving away because of fear lawsuits.

I am not so eloquent I just use some practical advice on how to render the details that are more remarkable than the shop itself.

One of the most effective tasks is to purchase good Tupperware and Glass Jars.

  If you save stir-fry, anything is with sauce, is best to maintain it better in bottle containers.

Be aware that bottles should not keep in the freezer.

Another thing that I do is cook for several days.

 If I bargain a package, let’s say pork chops and chicken. Once you get it, then clean it and separate it into portions using Tupperware or plastic bags.

Recognize that the meat cooked, should not spend over 5 days in the refrigerator if you put it in the freezer and the power lasts longer.

I want to clarify: This does not apply so much to extended families where they are children since they cook daily.

  People who are conceited or who also waste too much is another area of concern. In terms of expenses as an example.

Let me share two experiences are from my family’s knowledge and friends.

A 19-year-old boy lived with his parents and the dad bought him a formal suit for an important job interview.

His son tells him he did not want that “cheap crap”.

 He just demanded the one was worth $300 dollars. Dad acting stupidly just went ahead and purchase it for him.

 If it was my mother, they leave me without either of them being an idiot.

Another example; was, my brother had two twin daughters plus a son, and when they went to my mother’s house.

 She responded well let’s eat hamburgers, one said I want McDonald’s, the other Wendys and to top it off the other Burger King.

 It surprised me at my mom was telling me the story. If my parents, listen to them, spend more gasoline and the cost of everything have been more.

 What did my mom say to them?

  Today we will go to Burger King a month later to Wendys and so on. Later in the day, my mom prepared rice with sausages among others serve the food all three of them replied they did not like that they did not eat that.

My mother said: That’s what there is or eat nothing. What do you think happened? They did not leave a crumb. So an important aspect is a DISCIPLINE.

Now I understand that size matter, is not the same a single person vs extensive family.



1) -Do not buy things that are very large or double or triple, like milk, but you will consume it in its entirety.

2) -All leftover food put in Tupperware if there is enough to keep a portion in the fridge and another in the freezer.

3) -Don’t take out too much meat, when you buy, divide the portions that you will use marinated already in the fridge and the other freezer.

4) -When you make pasta and rice, do not mix it with anything, so take portions and use it with fresh meats or prickly pear and other frozen and canned products.

5)-Remember always to look at the expiration dates of the products and also remember that some especially canned products once they expire and as they are the pills that do not automatically mean that you have to throw it away, do your own research.

My doctor explained to me once there are pills that once expired they are still good per month but again check first. There are products that are like rents a grace period, there is a specific day but there is a time is still under the rules.

Both the President saying that He and The Florida Governor Santis have done such a brilliant job and they both keep saying that wearing the face mask is VOLUNTARY.

This President and all his Republican followers are making this a political campaign.

 Ignoring the recommendations: Winning an election and the economy is more important than health and life.

But the most stupid are we the people.

So many keep doing things like enjoy going to beaches, congregating in mass protests and rallies.  They had warned.

That is the reason as humankind we deserve what we get. Thank you to all outstanding citizens, people just doing and acting with sense in trying the best to help families, and others to survive.

It is not only a mask; it is practicing social distancing, but people want to know more than Doctor Fauci just to mention one. Idiots.

It happened to me to say the mayor of Orlando made it mandatory to put on the mask.

That same day the stupid governor said that is a volunteer, stupid like his little friend Trump.

Florida perfect candidate if you don’t use your head to be the next New York as the virus epicenter.

 Thank you, people, and thank you Governor, and thank you, Mr. President. And as a bonus for you too, China.


This is The United States of America. We should change the name to the NONE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.