I want to refer to the article dated February 10 under this topic of SOCIAL MEDIA “STUPIDITY”

 I found an example that is clearer than the water that illustrates and confirms how there are so many frauds and that they intend to steal your money from you and damage the reputation of others.

Observe this Instagram which I fix so you can see what’s going on.

To your left, you can appreciate the profile picture and look to the right where I insert the same image but from the same person which is JENNINIEMAN.

 She is a famous Instagram fitness model you can tell very clear that the page on your right is original or legitimate.

now on the left notice that the profile picture belongs to JENNIE and the name on this page on your left.

The name used is ORIANA PALACIOS, I even google search any models with this name, and nothing came out.

Then this person it says is from Venezuela and of course, Jenni is not Hispanic.

I try to find her bio but there is not much info about her soon I will post her pics, and also she has a YouTube Channel.

This Oriana charges even more than $200 for photos and videos.

And Jennie even she has a few naked pics but only boobs she does not take pics and videos for money.

This is a perfect example of what is stealing your identity and a violation of your rights and social media rules.

Now if people pay for this my question is “Who is Stupid?

I use this expression because if you already know the danger in doing this and not do research, well I think I was very clear.

And let me tell you this that I don’t know if you thought about it:

Do you know that there is 99% that these people that do this offering photos and nude videos from others are MEN?

I will bet anything that these are guys, which makes it look way worse.

I am not saying that it can be a few girls because maybe they are not attractive.

 Maybe, they scare to be exposed but the button line is I was told that what some of them do.

They demand the money at the front and just give you a copy from the same person or from some porn sites. 

My people be smart to be savvy denied pay if you do not know the identity of this person who offers.

I mention in the past article about things to look and if you look at this image on the right; it gives you a great idea of what is a legitimate page.

I really want to help people to open their eyes, remember the reason this happens so often is that is working for these hackers.

My advice is to do your homework verify other sites and comments, sites like Reddit are very good at detecting these types of activities, and even some models or girls that have these issues.

We just pay attention to details, communicate with people that have more experience. Search and again use safe and legitimate sources.

Use the W.O.T Web of Trust on Google. Also, YouTube has some good videos. But again verify the source.

Today is like you can trust no one. Only the All-Mighty.

If you have questions, maybe any girl that you are not sure about let me know, and will find out for you.

I am very good at this, believe me. Good Luck!!,news.%203%20Healthcare%20Scam.%20…%20More%20items…%20