Cinco alertas para identificar un perfil falso en internet

Did you know that over 3.48 billion people and 366 million last year are using what we know in English as Social Media, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the most prominent among others such as Snap Chat?

And the proper use of these means has pleasant benefits, but like everything in life, as with cell phones and computers, there are many things that are NEGATIVE AND HARMFUL.

But specifically on social media, there are things that happen that are ironic but could even be dangerous.

And one thing that I have noticed that a lot is happening is the theft of accounts.

People posing as others, but the worst is still how people let themselves be deceived or do things that make no sense.

 I will not talk about other’s issues such as children or youth in the dangers and risks that are exposed and how parents have neglected this issue but that is another issue.

Perfiles falsos en redes sociales, ¿cómo actuar?

How do you detect fake profiles?

They focus on a specific topic, such as politics, religion, sport. And do not comment on a friend, activity or content that can show minimal interaction.

Its content in terms of images is usually also striking. Sometimes they will use photos with attractive poses of the impersonated people that will serve as an attention hook.

They use unreliable personal data, incomplete or with copied descriptions.
He rarely has friends in common with you

Social networks base their relationships on previous knowledge that will unite you with people related to a series of data.

This makes strange friend requests based solely on your profile picture, without connections of any kind.

With the profile verification mechanisms provided by social networks, many impersonation problems are avoided because they quickly identified it when a profile is legitimate or not.

Checking whether the profile includes the badge (a blue tick). However, this badge is not provided to profiles that are not of public interest or brands.

Therefore, detecting this other type of fake profile can be a bit more expensive.

What to do if a false profile is detected or that impersonates someone’s identity?

Normally, each platform or social network offers a mechanism to raise awareness of the same false profiles, both companies, and individuals.

For example, Twitter offers the possibility of reporting a problem related to brands and another for identity theft.

In addition, if you consider that an account is not to your liking and you wish it does not interact with you.

Also, you can block it in such a way that it can no longer follow you, and you cannot follow that account.

Facebook also offers different options when reporting false profiles. Within the profile itself, by selecting the ellipsis, we can denounce or block the person himself.

Why do many or many put fake profiles?

A very interesting reason I could investigate is the fact that some have INSECURITY and more with women want to be accepted by others.

They want to talk to certain people and feel that the only way is to use photos or profiles of attractive people.

Another reason and I think it is one of the most important and logical is to deceive people to get money.

For example, there is this girl who shows them her photos that have Only fans which is a subscription page.

 Other cases offer by private message offers of photos and videos and collect money using existing photos.

In fact, some even subscribe and download everything they can then offer others. And the worst part of all this is that there are more MEN who make this be the girls to steal money from people.

Another reason although it sounds strange is the ENVY, there is a Dominican girl named AIDELIS, who reports photos on Instagram only for “JODERLA” expression in Spanish that pretty much means “FUCK” the person and excuse my vocabulary but it is incredible people so stupid that exist.

For example, there is this girl who shows them her photos that have Only fans which is a subscription page, and other cases offer by private message offers of photos and videos and collect money using existing photos.


Now another thing that is often noticed not only in Fake Profiles but also when there are pages that are of many women on a GENERAL page.

I explain I put a vote myself as I have in my blog.

Angie vs. Katya or maybe if I do a page of Colombian or Venezuelan women so that to put comments or messages asking for nude photos or shooting compliments when the girl will not find out.

And, this part is the most ironic that I always find until I see it so silly of some because of ignorance in Things that are so obvious.

But that’s the least if you don’t lose money. But a sensitive issue is to steal profiles from others HACKS.

It would be good to denounce this and contribute to these criminals not getting away with it.

How then can we realize a Legitimate or False Profile?

Very easy to see the sample images of Vanessa and Valery, you realize that Valery, for example, has over 35 profiles on Instagram only without counting on Facebook and Twitter and Vanessa has several and with different last names.

So there is the first point usually there are only one to two profiles some make a personal page and others call it Fans such as VALERYALTMARFANS.

Another observation is the photos when a profile is legitimate the photos are up to date and constant once you see the photo.

And you go to the false ones you realize they are not there yet and sometimes months go by and they don’t put them on.

Another thing is the BIOGRAPHY where they live or their subscription pages or where they live, age among others.

For example, Vanessa is from Venezuela and there is a page that says that she is from Colombia and another one that is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the falsehood of these profiles is very obvious.

So let’s be wise and intelligent when using social media do not be fooled do not throw away your money do not be a victim of fraud.

 Report these criminals and help others who have their pages and if they make money honestly because support them remember to get in the place these and think if it were you.

I invite you to comment, and if you have doubts or questions with pleasure.

I will answer and what they will not investigate and so we all learn from each other and be more equipped to move forward.