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4 Food Myths - Jeremy Walker Hypnotherapy


More and more people join a healthy lifestyle. Moving, keeping fit and eating healthy and low-calorie foods.

Has been the basis for feeling better inside and out, while losing some weight and taking care of our body.

The problem is how fashionable it has become to ‘take care of ourselves that it is quiet.

Confusing it must truly follow which doctrines and maxims to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way.

It will probably have happened to you: you heard that such a habit was essential to take off a few kilos in a few weeks.

And after insisting on repeating it daily to you it did not give you any results.

Maybe it was one of these, and it didn’t work because they are fake. Stop blindly following the fashion food tips.

Not only have no effect on your physical form, but it can also ruin your health.

Skipping Meals

Sometimes, delaying the time to have a snack and even skip a meal makes us feel lighter.

And think that we are losing weight faster than if we follow the three or five shots that our regime poses to the letter. Mistake!

The body needs energy to function, and food is its fuel. By eating our metabolism, it activates and burns fat.

(We talk about moderate amounts and healthy foods), but if we are fasting or skipping food.

We make it difficult for you to do your job well and in the long term, starvation will only lead to more weight gain.

Shock diets work
Be careful with dietary recommendations that sound extreme: the diet of apple, lollipop, or artichoke, although popular, do not work.

At least not in the long term and keep in mind that many studies have shown that when we regain weight shortly after having made a ‘miraculous diet.

We can get to fit up to twice the lost kilos.

Not only that, eating a single food for several days can weaken your immune system, which will make you more likely to fall ill.

The body needs all kinds of food to keep fit and, as we said, work to burn calories.

Sweet, sour or bitter, with more or fewer calories or fat, always in proportions and amounts appropriate to your height, weight, lifestyle, and weight loss goals

 Eating healthy foods is expensive

It doesn’t have to. The growing organic and organic food industry offers somewhat higher prices.

But they also exist in other types of shops at affordable prices and are equally healthy and varied.

In addition, having a piece of fruit to quench your appetite and not snack between meals can cause a great saving in consumption of junk food.

Check out at the end of the month and you will see how to eat vegetables, prepare a homemade stew, and always have nuts to snack in.

'Ay dios, ¿cuáles cogemos, niña?', preguntó alertada la consumidora a su hija. (iStock)

 Healthy food is boring

Neither expensive nor boring. At the most, it may give you some laziness to chop food and taking out the casseroles.

But, as the food expert Anwaya Mane says, “the abs are made in the kitchen”, and it does not refer precisely to you throwing yourself on the floor to practice a table of maintenance exercises but to the basis for us to lose weight begins by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

 If you exercise, you can swell to eat

What’s up In fact, exercise is the part of our ‘healthy life’ that later influences that we lose weight.

Of course, you burn fat, but it is likely that you lack some essential nutrients that the body needs to build muscle or simply have enough fuel to perform properly in sports training.

In line with Mane’s philosophy, remember first the diet and then the weights.

 Carbohydrates make you fat
Bread, rice, and pasta contain carbohydrates that provide energy to the body. Fuel to activate our metabolism.

Of course, try to eat them in moderation and always seeks to do some kind of exercise.

Minimum walking for a while – to make sure you burn them. Of course, look for low-fat dressings so that your food is not a caloric pump.

Stop blindly following the fashion food tips, not only have no effect on your physical form, but they can also ruin your health

They strongly recommended it to opt for the integrals instead of the refined ones, but make no mistake:

Both have practically the same amount of calories so they gain the same weight.

Of course, the former raises the blood sugar level to a lesser extent with the interesting advantages that this entails.

 Water Slimming
No. It helps to lose weight because it regulates body temperature, facilitates digestion.

Keeps us hydrated and makes the body clean, but by itself it has no magic effect.

It can help us satisfy our appetite and if we drink during meals, we could reduce the size of our rations.

Even food experts have shown that the sensation of thirst can be confused with that of hunger.

When you want to snack between meals, try to have a drink before eating a snack. But only water no.

Low fat or ‘light’ equal to zero calories
Lie. In fact, foods that are presented as low fat may have fewer calories than their original version, but never zero.

In addition, ‘without sugar’ is translated as ‘with artificial sweeteners, not to mention the preservatives that are added to these products to give them their recognizable ‘light’ flavor.

And that’s not all. As a study published in the journal ‘Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism showed.

The consumption of this type of food in the long term can translate into health problems such as a greater tendency to obesity.

To suffer from type 2 diabetes and also syndrome metabolic that increases cardiovascular disease.

The next time you choose to include any of these foods in your diet, look carefully at the nutritional label and avoid being deceived.