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Another BIG SCAM now from Keto Pill


Do you see all these people above? What they have in common?

Yes, they are rich people, just to mention one of them you see the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA.

Why this image concerning a Keto Pill or Diet and Products?

Well, all these scammers use celebrities and even use pictures from random people to sell you garbage. In the meantime, you make all these people richer.

Now why I am saying this first.

Because we need to open our eyes to all these scammers and playing with your pocket but above all your own Health and Life.

I invite you to check out the link above and listen to Dr. Ryan Lowery and you can also check him out, his reputation, and reviews.

Let me tell you this and always repeat this. When a company or advertisement tells you, you can lose weight without exercise and diet.

That is the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL TIME, for Nutrition and we can add very dangerous.

That is one reason that the United States of America is the most obese nation and the worse nutrition-wise.

All we eat is junk food and we are lacy. Of course, I am talking general.

We all know that there are people that are good at taking care of their bodies and eat properly having a BALANCED DIET.

This is the only diet that works for a lifetime.

In past articles I mention that the idea of all these diets is to lose weight FAST- DO LESS and SPEND MORE MONEY.

I will not go into detail about these pills, let the link above do that for me.

My goal is to let you know about these scammers and contribute to anyone’s health and pocket.

Now, I want you to look at these random pictures they used to promote the production of these pills as Shark Tank’s biggest deal in history or should I say SCAM.

Now, What do you observe here?

The advertisement claims that you do not have to do any exercise.

Listen, I will tell you like this, there is no way in hell that both individuals have this abdomen looking so sharp without working out.

How can you insult people’s intelligence like that?  

Sad to say, there are people that believe this, and is to you I am talking to.

Not as an insult is just to help you open your eyes to reality.

Research talk to your doctor, never but do no diet on your own.

Remember, even that Balance Diet is the only diet.

We all have different conditions or potential for it.

And for that reason, it is possible that your doctor will recommend you to avoid some foods even they are healthy in most cases.

Remember one more thing, yes you will find excellent reviews but who are these people and from where like Amazon, Facebook of course all these Giant Companies use these social platforms and internet for a scam. Just remember that. It is like politics they will say anything to win the election.

Let me quote what Dr. Ryan express as a piece of extension information about this Keto Scam and here is also the link.

What do a pill advertised as Shark Tank’s biggest deal in history and a pill that was developed by a nutritional science master’s student at Stanford University have in common?

They are both keto scams. After seeing the profile “Sarahjohnson. Stanford” on Instagram (and its many other variations of Sarah and Stanford) we fell into the rabbit hole of keto weight-loss scams.

This person does not exist it says so on the clickable link in her bio.

There is a company out there using these Instagram accounts that have STOLEN transformation photos from other pages claiming that these individuals used their pill.

There is an elaborate backstory of how the pill was created, but the real kicker is that these ketogenic diet pills keep changing names.

Every time you click on the link you get a unique name. Just in a matter of minutes, we got the names:

Keto Rapid Max Pure, Keto Legend, Holistic Bliss Keto, Keto Supreme, Keto Max Burn, Keto RX, and Envy Naturals Keto.

None of these “keto pill” has ingredients, they have no explanation how they work even though they claim have been clinically tested, and they make ludicrous claims like being “scientifically proven to block fat”.

The rope you in by promising a free bottle of magic keto pills and free shipping but don’t tell you there is an automatic renewing fee.

There are many complaints online on the Better Business Bureau website about getting charge $90+ after trying to cancel the subscription.

Diving deeper into fraudulent keto/diet pills, we came across the keto shark tank diet pills that were supposedly the biggest deal ever on Shark Tank history—except they were never on shark tank, the photos they used from Shark Tank were stolen from different women.

The news reporter’s photos for their website were also stolen. My friend, Suzanne Ryan (@ketokarma), had her photos stolen by the company Keto Slim Life (ketoslimlife.com) who claimed she lost 120 on their pill.

This was completely false and belittled all of her hard work.

The bigger picture—losing money is terrible but what is even worse?

Damane’s health. ging some We don’t know what are in these pills and they are completely unregulated.

Not to mention the fact these pills won’t work and then people who took them will blame keto and exogenous ketones for not working rather than the shady company.

If you know me, you know I’m all about offense and I’m about to go on an out offensive front educating stronger than ever on keto as it relates to the diet and even exogenous ketones.

Both can affect optimizing human potential, but when taken out of context, it brings negative clout to the entire conversation – a conversation worth protecting.

Do me a huge favor and please always be cautious when buying any weight loss supplements.

Thoroughly vet out exogenous ketones and understand that an effective dose isn’t delivered in a pill and 99.9% of companies are using a racemic mixture (another video on that soon) so effectively it is less than 50% as effective as they are even claiming.

Here are a few red flags you should watch out for:

1. Are the ingredients listed?

2. Can you find REAL reviews on reputable websites?

3. If they are on social media, do they tag the original poster of before and after photos?

4. If it is BHB, is it in a pill? (it is very difficult to fit an efficacious dose of BHB in a pill)

5. Are they Ketogenic Certified Meaning that we have tested them for efficacy and artificial sweeteners?

On the button on the YouTube channel are more links on other people that are scamming, check them out.

Remember, I have no affiliation with no one I am independent, not a pro, just a person who researches and shares with others.

I am a disabled person and had problems with weight all my life and spend time in a nursing home when I weight over 600 hundred pounds and I lost some but just eating balance nothing extreme.

I am still overweight but not like before never private myself from any food. Is just how much and control the junk some exercise compatible with your body and circumstances.

I hope this will help you out and remember.

Do your homework and research.