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The United States Of America And The World

 In The Worse Crisis Ever

If you notice my feature image is not directly related to this post. But this is also another tragedy in the US. We need to stop this nonsense and stupidity.

The US and the World are crying. Who to trust?

Politicians our President? Social Media and The Press? But, above all: Can we trust people or me as individuals?

Interestingly, we are living in the worse times, and all people do is blame and complain about the government.

And yes is something that yes is justifiable.

Politicians playing around while people are sick and dying of a virus but worse is the people and children suffering from the economic collapse.

I will never understand how in the f#$@## world these idiots are saying things are getting better and now where.

I live in Florida is becoming a hot spot and Trump saying how good the job Santini is doing. Really idiot? 

How can you lie and be sarcastic, this is a joke? I am just sick and tired of all this crap.

Now with all these all people talk is about race while the pandemic still spreading and what is the stupid point of doing these rallies and protests and make things worse. 

So ignorant stupid and no respect for other’s lives.

And to make things worse, The President going to rallies at hot spots, playing God. And trying to deport people.

This is the president some people trust. Well, I have no more to say, and is not that I trust any other one.

For me, these presidents doing this is idiotic and irresponsible and not a leader. But you know people that will attend are worse period.

Parents’ struggling to pay to feed their young. Unemployment highest and here we have this idiot President celebrating 2 million jobs recovery.

While the other millions still without income. And these are the people to trust? Really? Well, we get all of that.

But now I have a question: What about us as people? Are we doing our part to help during the crisis?

What is the first thing or basics that we need to do to not spread the virus, and notice that I did not say get the virus but spread the virus?

Now shy I am saying these. My mother always thought to me if you want to “fuck just fuck yourself not other people”.

Well, in Spanish sounds better ” Si te quieres Joder jodete tu solo.”

Now, remember the question I ask above. Who can we trust?

We all know and are so clear we cannot trust Donald Trump a compulsive liar, or any party Republican or Democrat.

Politicians just suck. But we have to deal with it and for the voters well good luck with whom you choose.

Now we have another element that we cannot trust, and that is ourselves and people.

Very simple while lots of people are doing the right thing, others are acting “Stupid” and not only them but you and me that are trying hard to cooperate and act responsibly. 

The Covid-19 is still a threat and to act like all is back to normal is not only stupid is irresponsible.

Here in Florida just today I was told that the mayor order and say it is mandatory to wear the face mask.

But here is my question, why people cannot just do that without no one telling you is common sense.

Meet Florida governor Ron DeSantis, coronavirus pandemic response ...

We have Gov. Santini saying the same crab as President is voluntary, in other words, because they refuse to use it let’s just say it like that.

This is so ridiculous and irresponsible that the leader of the Land one at the State level and the other as a nation are the first ones to contribute.

People are getting more infected by downloading the spread. There is very sick as the virus.

Why we have to trust these idiots?

Can we act with common sense?

Can we protest differently, in consideration of all that is going on?

And here is the number one to never trust. SOCIAL MEDIA, STREAM PRESS, AND PRESS.

They make millions of dollars making sensational news, fake news, and making people more depress and sick.

Of course like everything in life they are exceptions to this. It comes to one point that we need to listen to someone.

Use common sense to go by evidence and facts and sources.

Here we are, we cannot trust the government, we cannot trust the media, and worse we cannot even trust in ourselves as humans.

The question remains: Who can we trust?