Drug Abuse and Depression

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Now with this Pandemic plus all the social economics, poverty, health, wars, crime, we just live in an evil society or world.
And this virus that is killing us for years but in life and at a very slow pace and we talking about DEPRESSION AND OR ANXIETY.

And with all this going on will be worse for humanity, including our children, 99% of the world has this virus. Is that we don’t realize it?

But even under these circumstances, we need to be strong, but again is too easy to say, because of one simple reason.

You can control your thinking but not your feelings and this is an internal battle to not let your feelings take over your thinking or your thinking take over your feelings.

I know it sounds confusing, but if you think about it, you know it is true. Now we have medications and treatments for Mental Health.

but you and I know that this is not the solution is just a relief like the STIMULUS PACK THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO GET DONE.


The President trying to say that things will be like before, guys this is politics, these people do not care about you and me, all is for election and their benefit.

Now I am expressing this because my feelings want to take over my depression is worse and the primary reason for this is that I and lots of millions of people, don’t have a close relationship with God or spiritual life.

And I am not talking about religion, they are the first ones that make our lives miserable with lies and asking for money so they can have a lifestyle.

I will not say the name but, there is only one Faith, one organization that has the TRUTH no other religion just to use this word are like this group that in reality compare to the World’s Population are small but numbers are not important.

This is another subject for another day because so many don’t believe in religions or God, and that is a worse problem.

What’s coming is coming and there is nothing we can do, the world is ending but not like people think.

Only the people that study the Bible but not with interpretations like to mention is only one Faith, one truth.

Now why I am saying this because this is the only hope we have, God will support us.

He will save us, but we need to meet some criteria and conditions which are not so hard but because we are so wicked it can make it harder.

I talk about this Mental Virus which is Depression, In the Bible, we have some examples of loyal men that serve God and even ask God to just kill them like Elijah.

So if you feel you don’t want to live anymore, don’t feel alone I and lots of people even the ones that obey the Lord feel like this sometimes.

Suicide today is more than ever, and with this situation, it will increase more and more.

I am writing this because I have to take it out of my chess I feel hopeless like I don’t deserve to live, but deep inside I know God understands me even I don’t see results, but again is not his fault is my own.

I know to say this is not the solution neither. But I cry to him He knows my thoughts, I ask for mercy or ask him to put me to sleep forever even that.

He will not give me another opportunity in the time of resurrection in a very close future.

Please don’t listen to my negative input but the positive:

Just look to God, ask him for forgiveness, not because of the virus is just the right thing to do under all this garbage world we live and the President of the World is Satan, not Jehovah God and that is God’s name even that some versions of the Bible omits it.

And I ask a question or make a statement about that is there is only one Faith one true religion or organization, so the question is:

Who are they? What organizations are the only ones to use God’s name, the only ones that do not take part in politics.

The only one that talks to people for free not charging money for publications, and one more thing as more unique?

What is the only organization of the World the government has prosecuted that by the Nazis that always been a target from all other religions and people?

Let me give an example: When you ask a person or they tell you about what church they attend or what religion they come from.

And they reply I am this or that but when you say “I am a????????????? the facial expression changes like saying OMG.

And precisely that is one thing that makes sense when the Bible says “they will hate you”.

Yes, that’s it you are right and probably you already thought about it and the Bible in Isaiah 42:8 and quote: “I am Jehovah that is my name, I give my glory to no one else, Nor my praise to graven images.

Now can you tell me the exact name of this organization’s comment but please no insults or degrading comments, this is a God issue, not any issue thank you all and God bless us all and have mercy.