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3D illustration of an influenza virus.

Is so interesting what I have been reading and watching some videos from the only person who makes more sense than all these politicians and in particular the President of the United States.

Mr. Bill Gates mentions something that shocks me when he refers to the Coronavirus crisis, and I resume it like this in my own words:

“Our leaders are spending billions of dollars preparing for war and the elaboration of nuclear weapons and others, but we are not ready for the worse war, and that is The Pandemic War.”

Like the President refers to it.

“The invisible enemy.”

This reminds us how insignificant we are and is time to reflect on life and our relation with God and people.

All these are things we’re predicted and are part of the End of the World.

But is not like people think, further I will touch this subject. Maybe you will not agree with me, but I will let you decide.

What elements in the movie are similar:

1)-Virus as a bioweapon. Very possible in almost all cases of Pandemics.

2)-Government denies or keeps it secret from others.

3)-When things go wrong, let’s blame someone.

4)-Leaders care more about Power and economy than people and their needs.

5)- Caos. Discrimination. Violence. Job loss. Rich get richer. Poor get miserable.

6)-Anxiety, Depression. Broken Families and abuse.

7)-Corruption in Government. Divisive Congress.


The worse virus is people and leaders

At the time I wrote this the first time, I never imagine what I am a witness.

And is two things in particular?

I always knew the politics and people’s attitudes are not the best. But the situation is on hand as we speak today, August 2021.

I do not know what to call it. Ridiculous, ignorant, stupid. I would think, besides, Evil is stupid. Half or more of the United States’ population, and especially the prominent members of the Republican Party, more in the Senate.

Plus, you add Social Media, podcasts, Newscasters, and more. What do we observe and listen to? Misinformation, lies, corruption, haters, racism, discrimination.

Is sick. And to make it worse.

We did not mention the King of Kings of the corruption at the political level. Donald J. Trump. Consider as we speak the worse or the worst President of the United States. Period.

I am not going here to talk about all details. Almost everyone is aware of what the hell is going on.

When you have senators telling us we are stupid, and you believe them. Guess what, you are so stupid like they are.

I am sorry I talk like this, but I am so fed up with so much stupidity. The smart, savvy people and children paying the price for all these idiots.

Governor DeSantis playing Donald Trump. Just look at Florida where I live and if we have a sense, we get it. Please people, please stop it.

You want to support your party, fine. But do the right thing. Listen to your brains, not to assholes that only care about power.

Take your money for the election. And then what. Donald Trump said back in 2016. I will pay off the National debt of 19 trillion. Results. He increased 8 Trillion.

All in part because of the large spending military and tax cut on the rich. If we do not, change our attitude about this virus.

Stop listening to Fox News, Newsweek. Tucker Carlson is one of the worst of all. It’s ok to disagree with democrats in policy, decisions.

That is perfect. But not the way these people I mention. Wake up! Let us do the right thing. We need to stop acting like idiots and be men and women and defend democracy and people.

Here is a very reliable podcast. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jessy+dollemore My advice do your own research and check out reviews and W.O.T (web of trust)

You and I are all the same. Just let’s be human with a good heart.

Maybe one day God will have mercy. Because some members of Congress, media, and people are acting and following Evil and all the demons on Earth.

Please listen to the doctors and not politicians. Listen and pay attention to the right sources. I will not tell you which one. You are smart enough to do this.

The worse is yet to come. Mask, Mask, Mask vaccines, vaccines, vaccines!!!!!

People say is a right, and yes they are correct. But is not about that, is about doing the right thing.

Others have the right not to get sick because people refuse to do what is correct, smart, and savvy.

In conclusion: Just fucking do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I know this is not a professional way to write an article, so please do not look at the messenger or the writing, just look at the message.

Bless all of you that are doing the right thing. If you are not, I have faith you can change and you will be blessed.


Look, and always remember, that the worse virus is Evil People.

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